"What is it that makes a Cat curious?" ~ "What is it that makes you different to me?" ~ "What is it that you see as Normality..." ~ "What are you, Human or Animal?" ~ "Why are you hiding what you are?" ~ "Even if you say you are actually Human, do you really expect me to believe that?" ~ "What is Love to you?" ~ "Do you think Abusive Relationships are okay in the Animal Kingdom?" ~ "How many times are you question yourself in your life?" ~ "Do you feel alone?" ~ "Do you ever feel like being Alone allows you to think like an animal?" ~ "Or... do you feel like Loneliness exists in just Us?" - Luke J.R


5. ~Memory~

~ Memory ~

Dear Diary,

Today, the word has been chosen as ‘Memory,’ and I don’t regret any of this. They say a memory is trigged by something linked to someone you know. They say a memory is trigged off by the simplest scenario that brings back the ‘I’ve experienced this before’ feeling. I know, there is a word for it, more than a word for it. But let’s just consider those words too cliché. Moving on, I’ve had several flashbacks, triggered memories that repeat in your mind until you fall to the ground one night, starting to see what it is all about. Every time a memory returns to me, I sometimes smile, it’s like a happy memory, it’s back, and I care about it, but I don’t care too much.

My friends, memory is neither a good thing or a bad thing, to me it is something that I have to accept no matter what. You too can choose to think like me, you don’t have to, I only want your truthful answers as much as you want them from me. We all have our differences, but memory can link us together. Memory can hold us in place far longer than any human being can. Think about it, if a human is to hold you in place (he / she will get tired eventually) If it’s a memory, it’s more mental, it doesn’t have to do anything. By just being there it holds you still mentally, and almost physically. Once it sinks in, you too will feel the need to breathe new life into yourself. Don’t worry, memory has its perks.

Existing thoughts in your mind will keep on making you think you’ve experienced it before. You will be reminded that some of it was just a mere dream, a mere nightmare, to keep you above the real hazards below you. Dangerous heights can trigger memories, just the fear of it all, if you fear heights. Anything that brings fear to you is going to trigger a memory in your existing mind. Anything above that? You might find reasons to deny that such memory exists. That’s fine, it’s all human, right? We are all just human, yes? Sure.

Sorry to keep this one short, but memory is so much more in duration compared to my Diary, no matter what happens, this memory will sink in. This memory will soon be replaced this memory will leave you thinking for a few hours. And then later on, you will forget all about this memory. You will have no real evidence to support that this even exists. Sorry to say it, but MEMORY is not everything, it’s just part of who we are. Memory is what keeps us going sometimes, and memory is also our own downfall.

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