"What is it that makes a Cat curious?" ~ "What is it that makes you different to me?" ~ "What is it that you see as Normality..." ~ "What are you, Human or Animal?" ~ "Why are you hiding what you are?" ~ "Even if you say you are actually Human, do you really expect me to believe that?" ~ "What is Love to you?" ~ "Do you think Abusive Relationships are okay in the Animal Kingdom?" ~ "How many times are you question yourself in your life?" ~ "Do you feel alone?" ~ "Do you ever feel like being Alone allows you to think like an animal?" ~ "Or... do you feel like Loneliness exists in just Us?" - Luke J.R


3. ~Love~

Dear Diary,

It’s always about relationships, not really. I don’t talk about them for good reason, I’d rather forget about them. I emphasize that with ‘as less hate as I can give,’ but that don’t stop me from thinking how bad that sounds. You see, there was a girl who didn’t choose her options like she had asked to. She went along (going with the flow) I take it. She went with several choices that were going to lead to Drama one way or another. This drama led to ‘losing a friend, finding out that she had been cheated on, that she was being used by both sexes.’ That’s right, she went from guy-to-guy, girl-to-girl. What’s odd is that she never really was interested in girls. So, the real mystery was behind the reason on why she started going with girls to bedrooms.

Now, I didn’t want to be vague- I wanted to share with you the true story. So, here’s some dialogue from it:

“You rather want me or you don’t, I don’t care which is which. I just want to have a good time.” Her first words to a complete stranger.

‘Cool, cool, I’m up for it. Ha, shit, I can’t believe it’s happening now.’ This jolly douche was smiling like a lemming.

“…Ok, that’s great. Uh, just don’t tell Luke.”

‘Nah, he is like a real fam to me. He doesn’t come round like you know who, laughing at me- mocking me whatever man. I don’t want any of the ‘Luke’ Bizz being bought up anyway…’

“It’s not that he won’t understand… it’s just I do kind of care about his feelings.”

‘Trust, I care too fam. And if I didn’t- I wouldn’t be here right now with you.’

She laughed at him, (thinking I didn’t hear any of this)

“Well… ah for fuck sake, I need a new phone! This stupid phone won’t even dial right…”

‘Want me to take a look at it?’ He picked her up like it was all a game to him.

“Oh, whoa, aha, OMG- you actually just did that? Wow… what can you lift?”

‘Deez Nutz’ – Oh right, the guy was just trying to use a Vine joke.

“Hahaha, wow, also a fan of Memes?” She giggled tickling him.

He fell to the side with her on top, and she was soon given a piggy back to the exit of the school. I mean it was time to go home, but I was just frozen thinking about are these two okay? Like, why is she keeping this from me? And why does it matter to me? Well, I knew one answer. ‘I cared for her.’ We were like friends since the start of school. Kinda hard to just drop out like that. We would always laugh, have fun, and just share moments together.

On the way out of the school, I found her laying down in the grass at the bottom of the hill. Her face flat down, I could tell it was her from the moment her handbag rolled further down the hill. Strong winds, always strong winds near Winter. Another key feature to her identification was the line of colour going down the back of her hair. I mean she was a girl who loved tattoos, piercings, and all kinds of teenage-accessories. From what I can remember, she never actually smoked. I mean she tried it, I was there with her when she did. But that’s another story for another time to come.

Thankful- I had to be thankful, I weren’t the only one looking out for her. There were plenty of kids running down to see if she was okay. The teachers on the premises rushed over the moment they were aware of a girl being flat out on the ground. The conversations that went on were like this:

“Do-do you think she fell?” –

“Oh my god! How the freak did this happen?”

“I think it was one of the blue hood kids”

“Yo just shut up okay? I can’t hear myself think”

“Alright, alright, I didn’t’ say it wasn’t”

“SHUT UP, oh my god, I saw it happen”

“No you didn’t’- you were with me Len”

“Oh shut up please”

“alright alright I didn’t mean to shout at you like that”

“I don’t care she doesn’t look okay does she?”

“Obviously duh she wouldn’t be on the ground”




“Nah, I couldn’t find one”

“Are you serious?”

“I told a teacher yeah”

“okay… thanks”

“no problem”

“Wait a minute, you calling me a liar?”

“no shut up”

“No, I heard you call me a liar”

“Doofus she called you an idiot”


“Nothing just calm down”

“forget it teacher is coming now”

“yep she is here soon”

“no she will be here soon, get your grammar right kid”

“oh my god… really?”

“forget it”

What these (good people) didn’t think to do was to check her face. They were too busy arguing with each other, trying to poke her, look at her body. No joke, I actually saw one of them lifting up her shirt. Ugh, I guess one was curious. Anyway, I found that one side of her face was badly beaten in. There were in hand marks that hadn’t faded away by her lips. Now, at this point- I didn’t think it was one of my friends, I thought it was one of her friends. But let’s not out-the-question-that a guy slapped a girl. It’s possible, it’s not impossible (whatever you may think).

She did talk to us, whoever beat her down didn’t do enough damage. Not enough to knock her lights out. Her words were jumbled at first. She kind of made sense in her own time.

“Did you um, did you see?”

“What?” – Most of the people around her replied.

“Like… he was and she was like with did you see?”

“Um, is she going to make sense?”

“Funny, you didn’t make any sense with that”

“Ugh… shut up please!”

“He said that and did you see? What? Wha- What?”

She didn’t make sense, and that lasted for a good ten minutes.

The teacher and most of those who wanted to help her (including me) looked out for her, and escorted her to the Nurse’s office. They were actually going to call in ambulance as the bruises looked really serious.

“Right, Luke? Um, I’m sorry… I didn’t know, did you see?” She made a little more sense, and a whole lot less when she took a paracetamol.  (mouth full)

“I’m sorry too, I didn’t think that it was any of my business.”

“…It’s not your fault, you were there for me. HA, did you really think that I never saw you?”

“Yeah… I’m not a great spy, ha”

“Hardly. That’s a first, but I think that it’s best to forget about it.”

“No way, I can’t just forget about this. Who did this anyway?”

“Nobody you know… I said ‘did you see?’ I thought you were spying still, I kind of saw your face several times after the first few punches.”

We both kind of laughed, the thought of seeing my face more than once is enough to make us smile. For that matter, anyone’s face being seen more than once is enough to make anyone smile.

“Okay, well, you’re lucky you know?” I mumbled.

“How did you figure that? I mean come on, look at me, I’m all beaten up like a tomato and… oh, aha, I’m…”

(The moment she said ‘tomato’ her cheeks lit up, she was blushing like crazy).

“That’s the first time I’ve seen you light up your cheeks like that.”

(Her dirty mind kicked in) – “Ooh, wow did you really just say that?”

“It sounded better in my head.”

“Yeah, I bet it did. Sorry Luke, I’m not thinking straight to be honest.”

“Who is? I mean whoever did this to you weren’t thinking at all.”

“You’ve always got something to say (ha) I like you Luke, always have really. Friends of course, don’t push it…”


~ On that note, it ended. There wasn’t really much after that, the dude who caused the event was actually innocent. It was one of her friends who did it, but the real surprise was discovering that it had been her own sister who had planned on actually killing her own flesh and blood. And this is not a joke, because later on- She found in her sister’s room a diary with scribbles, hateful words, and drawings that were supposed to represent her sister in pain or in chains. I say ‘chains’ but really it was just scribbled lines. I’ve got to tell the truth after all, can’t tell lies. ~


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