If only I wasn't alone.

It's a new year at school. Nothing strange could possibly happen...


3. Rainbow Coloured Secretary

Eventually, I arrived at the red brick building. I hopped off my bike and guided it up the path before leaving it at the bike rack. Then I walked inside.

  On my left, at a desk was the secretary. She had multi-coloured clothes, bright enough to give you a headache. She was wearing sunny bangles on her wrists and rings of all colours on all ten fingers. Her makeup was horrendous. Bright pink eye shadow, reaching up to her eyebrow and you could see she dyed her eyebrows pink with the eye shadow too. Dark red blusher that you could see she dug into her cheeks. And last, (People who love fashion please cover your eyes) Bright purple lipstick on the bottom lip, and yellow on the top.

 "Excuse me," I said, dizzy from the brightness of the new secretary.

  "Hello my girl," She said in a very English, English accent. "How are you? How can I help?"

 I felt like I was at McDonalds for a second and wanted to say, "You forgot my ketchup," Just for a laugh, but thank god I didn't.

  "Er, I would like my schedule please."

  "Yes dear. OH!"

  "What happened?!"

  "Nothing dearie. Just noticed how silly I was. Not to know you wanted your schedule. You didn't come here for a nice chat." Then she howled with laughter.

  "Name, dearie? Both names. Sorry, I mean your first name and your surname. Not that you have two names!" Then she screeched with laughter.

  "Because you don't." Her face suddenly turned very serious. "You don't have two names. NO!" She rose from her chair.

  "Nobody! Nobody has two names! NO ONE!" Then she smiled at me and sat down like nothing happened. This woman was insane.

  "Erm... My name is Brianna Whites."

 "Nice to meet you Brianna, I'm your secretary, Miss Hillanere. Maybe we can be friends!"

  Then she sat back in her chair and sighed.

  "This job is tough you know- Anyway. I'm glad you came for a chat."

  "Miss, I came for my schedule." I snapped.

  Wait. I didn't mean to shout like that. I just did. But I wasn't angry, I was completely fine! That was weird.

  "I'm so sorry dear." And with that a tear trickled down her brightly coloured cheek.

  "I'm sorry. I don't know why I barked like that. I didn't mean to."

  "So, what is your name? Your two names- I mean your first name and your surname because-"

  "Nobody has two names. Yes I know. You told me."

  "Oh, you told me your name is Rihanna Black. Yes."

  "Actually, Brianna Whites. You heard me wrong."
  "It's a confusing name dearie." Miss Hillanere said, "You should change it. Anyway..." She typed something on her keyboard.

  A piece of paper flew out of a printer behind her and landed on the desk.

  I took it. "Thanks,"

  I looked at the top of the paper.

  Brianna Whites

  Locker 24

  It read.

  Yes. I have a new locker. Now I can get away from that Kerry girl. I hardly knew her, but she was in the locker beside me last year. She really hated me, and I don't know why. Everybody else seemed to love her, students and teachers alike.










I walked to locker 24. There I unloaded my books and checked my schedule. Maths. I had maths first. I hated math.

I took out my math books. Then a small piece of paper flew out of my Algebra: Volume two.

  I picked it up,

  Class Time. Fun Time.

  That's what it said. The words seemed familiar to me, but I don't know where it came from. Then I realized. A shiver was sent down my spine. This would be a different year.

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