One Selfie To Rule Them All (Selfie One-Shot Competition)

This selfie is from a halloween party I went to with @the_book_is_always_better, and it was one of the best times of my life :)
//For the selfie one-shot competition\\


1. A (Halloween) Party Like No Other

  It was Halloween, a day of wearing absurd costumes and acting like complete idiots without anybody caring. But, you have to have some friends with you to add to the fun...


  After a day of painting plastic pumpkins, wrapping people in toilet paper, watching Mean Girls, breaking doors, and solving a murder mystery, the last ten minutes of Margaret's Murder Mystery Party were upon us.

  Everyone, except Ryan, Jordan, and I had started playing a game of Hide-and-Seek. We, on the other hand, were trying to walk on the stilts in Margaret's basement.

  "Ryan, its my turn!" I yelled, poking his arm and grinning like a fool. He'd been on the stilts for over five minutes.

  He ushered me away with his hand. "In a minute, in a minute! I think I'm getting the hang of it!" He cried happily, looking at me and laughing. I had to smile and let him keep going; he was doing pretty good.

  "He looks as good as he was ten minutes ago..." Jordan pointed out, a smirk growing on his face. I slapped his arm, telling him to not be so mean. Then, a stampede of teenagers came down the stairs, everyone joining us downstairs.

  "Megan's hurt!" Margaret cried, a look of worry on her face. Everyone else nodded with her, the same looks on their faces. Jordan, Ryan, and I exchanged glances and we all ran upstairs. We looked around furiously for Megan until we saw her sitting at the kitchen table, a bleeding mark on her forehead, tears running down her face.

 "Megan!" Ryan and I yelled at the same time, running towards her. She looked up at us, pure pain on her face. "W-what happened?" I murmured.

 She sniffed. "I fell on one of Margaret's little sister's toys. It cut me on the forehead. And," She sniffed again, "It really hurts." I put my arm around her, letting her head lay on my shoulder.

  Margaret walked towards us. "Ryan, Alex, go get band-aids from my upstairs bathroom." She took my place and put her arm around Megan as we ran upstairs. It took us a few seconds to find the bathroom and a few more seconds to find the band-aids, but eventually, we came across a small box of bandages and headed back downstairs. But, there was no one at the kitchen table anymore.

  Confused, we walked into the living room, where everyone was sitting and laughing and having a good time. "Wha..." Ryan started, just as they noticed us walking in. Megan skipped over, a smile on her face,

  "Fooled ya!" She pointed to her forehead. "Got you pretty good, I guess!" Megan laughed. "It was just paint!"

  Ryan and I looked at each other. "Ohhh..." We stood still for a moment, before breaking into a fit of laughs.

  Then, the doorbell rang. Margaret looked out the window behind her. "Alex, its your mom!" I frowned for a moment, not wanting to leave. My mom came in, looking around until she saw me, and waved.

 I gathered my things and handed them to my mom. "Wait!" Margaret yelled. "We have to take a group picture!" Everyone nodded as Morgan grabbed her phone and set it on a chair, putting it on a 10 second timer.

  "Ten seconds everyone!" We all jumped in front of the camera, cramming to all get into the small phone's picture.


  We all stood up, laughing and yelling, "Send that to me!" Then, I took off to home, getting at least a hundred texts on my phone on the way back.



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