My name is Toby Rodgers.
I have Tourettes, Insomnia and CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain anhidrosis)
I guess i'm lucky to be alive.
But sometimes the voices in my head make me decide that i'd rather be dead.


21. Toby

There was a hand on my head, moving very slowly, softly petting like I was a cat.

It felt nice.

There was an arm around me also and the gentle singing of Jen.

She'd come for me?

I my eyelids slid open slowly as I looked around, Lucifer stood in one corner, leant against the wall, the other boy was slouched next to a familiar body....

That little bastard....

"SPENCER!!!" I jumped up with a hiss, but wobbled and fell backwards.

Jen's voice sounded.

"Take it easy Toby."

I relaxed and eased back into her touch, she started gently petting my hair again.

Lucifer looked up angrily.

"Does your boyfriend have a problem?!"

I stuttered, "w-we're not... I'm not."

"Yeah he does, four actually. Why... Do you?" She sneered back.

"Nope, but you just admitted zilch."

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