My name is Toby Rodgers.
I have Tourettes, Insomnia and CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain anhidrosis)
I guess i'm lucky to be alive.
But sometimes the voices in my head make me decide that i'd rather be dead.


20. Toby

My breathing steadied itself as the person removed their hand from my mouth, using the hand to instead, grip my shoulders and firmly pull me upwards.

The policeman escaped while he still could, slipping out through the gate and locking it hastily.

I spun around angrily, whoever was behind me had better have a good excuse for stopping me, or I swear all hell was going to break lose.

Behind me stood a boy, not much older than myself, I'd say he was about nineteen. He wasn't wearing the same uniform as everyone else, instead he wore a long black coat with black trainers and dark jeans. His hair was a dark purple colour, as were his eyes, he looked scarily cunning and extremely unnatural.

He took a deep breath, inhaling the air slowly, still staring right through me.

Damn, if looks could kill.

"Follow me." His voice sounded raspy, and before I knew it I was following him unwillingly, stepping over other prisoners and squeezing through crowds, almost losing him more than once.

He turned left harshly and I couldn't budge through the crowd, I got knocked aside by a guy four times bigger than me, but before I knew it a hand came out of nowhere grabbing me around the wrist and dragging me into a small room.

I heard the door slam shut behind me as I was practically thrown into a chair, the clicking sound told me that I was locked into the room with someone.

The boy stood in front of me, his stare piercing through my soul again.

"Quit scaring the poor boy Lucifer." A less raspy sounding voice came from behind me, and I turned my head harshly in that direction, making my neck crack loudly.

Another boy stood behind me, this one wasn't wearing the uniform either, he wore a grey hoodie with black jeans and black converse, he also had messy black hair, he flinched as my neck cracked and held out a hand.

I was about to shake his hand, when I caught his eye and stopped in my tracks.

His eyes were a watery grey, and he looked like the splitting Image of Spencer.

The very boy who had got me here, in the first place.

He looked at me with a slight concern on his face before taking a step forward.

"You look traumatized," He then glared at the boy he had earlier called Lucifer, "What did you do to him Lucifer?!"

I shook my head a few times as it started spinning, I briefly heard someone calling my name as my eyelids fell heavy and the world went black, and I felt so very...


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