My name is Toby Rodgers.
I have Tourettes, Insomnia and CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain anhidrosis)
I guess i'm lucky to be alive.
But sometimes the voices in my head make me decide that i'd rather be dead.


19. Toby

Spencer instantly hit the floor.

Was he...playing dead?

I looked over at the collapsed boy, he didn't look like he was breathing...

The shadow in the doorway stepped out in front of me, it was a man wearing a strict uniform, with a stern expression on his thin face, and a pair of handcuffs in his left hand.

"You're under arrest for the murder of this young man."

I started to protest, the murder of Spencer?

"I-I wouldn't...I didn't..."

But it was too late, the policeman locked the handcuffs around my wrists and dragged me away.

Spencer's body didn't move.

The policeman pulled me down the road, I guessed he was taking me to prison. 

He shook his head,

"Spencer was young, how could you?"

I retaliated, my Tourettes now kicking in.


"I watched you, there's no questioning it!"


I gasped as he tightened the cuffs, the sharp metal digging into the flesh of my wrists,

"My eyes never deceive me."

"Maybe it's time you thought about getting glasses..." I sighed and kicked the ground as we reached a tall building with barriers covering the sides, nasty looking people stood around, wearing orange uniforms.

The prison.

The policeman practically threw me through the iron gate, as prisoners gathered around, muttering to each other.

"But he's just a kid..."

"He's twitching..."

"I wonder what he did..."

The policeman undid the handcuffs, which were now cutting into my skin. I rubbed my wrists and sighed as the policeman started unlocking the gates to leave again.

My Tourettes kicked in again. 

I lunged myself at the policeman, attempting to inflict as much pain as I could, the policeman gasped as I winded him, and the prisoners watched in shock. I grasped his neck with both hands, he let out a bloodcurdling gurgle as I squeezed.

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed me from behind, pulling me away strongly, I thrashed out, kicking my legs and screaming. 

A hand covered my mouth.

The policeman stood up shakily, taking deep and raspy breaths, as the person whose hand was over my mouth, finally spoke.

"Never turn your back to the prisoners newbie."

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