My name is Toby Rodgers.
I have Tourettes, Insomnia and CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain anhidrosis)
I guess i'm lucky to be alive.
But sometimes the voices in my head make me decide that i'd rather be dead.


6. Toby

I shake my head of of the daze, to see Ben laughing in my face.

"You were totally checking out the chick by the tree!"

I ignore his comments and make my decision,

I stumble over to the girl,

Her hair is curled loosely, and almost white with shocking teal ends, her eyes are pale green.

She has a black notebook open on her knees, with what looks like writing on the front.

Suddenly her eyes rise and meet mine, I flinch but keep staring as I walk over.

When I reach the base of the willow, I sit next to the girl.

She takes no notice of my presence, so I take the chance to take a peek at her notebook.

The writing is neat, reading:


I'm not a fan of puppeteers but I've a nagging fear
someone else is pulling at the strings
Something terrible is going down through the entire town
wreaking anarchy and all it brings

I can't sit idly, no, I can't move at all
I curse the name, the one behind it all...

Discord, I'm howlin' at the moon
And sleepin' in the middle of a summer afternoon
Discord, whatever did we do
To make you take our world away?

Discord, are we your prey alone,
Or are we just a stepping stone for taking back the throne?
Discord, we won't take it anymore
So take your tyranny away!

I'm fine with changing status quo, but not in letting go
Now the world is being torn apart
A terrible catastrophe played by your symphony,
what a terrifying work of art!

I read the words slowly,

"You're a really slow reader, you know that Toby?" I jolt up shocked, and the one thing going through my head is this,

How the heck did she know my name?




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