My life as a Mama

This story in about my life in the past year and continuing on wards and your gonna be apart of my story..


2. The Big News

That night my Mam was in the living room watching tv, I kept saying to myself I have to tell her but I don't want to I had told my boyfriend at this point I was pregnant he didn't react to bad to the news I rang him and said I'm telling my Mam till I'm 6 months I'm not telling her till I have a bump and he said you need to go to the doctor you have too you can't hide this and I just said I'll think about it and hung up the phone, I went down stairs and sat down I was so nervous to tell her and I just said Mam I missed my periods and she lost the plot she was saying your better not be pregnant and told me to get out so I did.. 

The next day she came in a handed me a test which she had got I took it obviously it came up a plus sign on this one it was a clear blue and I called her up and she just left out a big sigh and goes how long are you when did you have sex?! I kept making things up and she goes stop lying the sign is bright blue your a few weeks gone, she started crying I felt so sorry like i disappointed my Mam 

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