My life as a Mama

This story in about my life in the past year and continuing on wards and your gonna be apart of my story..


1. A start of a life changing change

18th of October 2014

I didn't feel right I had missed my periods I was fainting I was weak and I wouldn't eat, I knew something wasn't right because I ate non stop everyday and I called my friends asked her to come to town with me and she agreed, when we got to town I went straight to Boots to get a cheap pregnancy test, I was so scared my friend was asking me a million question like are you pregnant? When did you have sex? Does your boyfriend know your getting a test? I just kept saying no I'm not pregnant I just wanna check I think my periods are just late, just kept pushing the subject out of my head..

Later on that day I went back home to my house and need to pee so I thought I might as well take one of the tests I opened the box read the leaflet on what to do, I got a little cup peed in it and held the test in the cup for 10 seconds and after I put the top back on and put it lying on the counter these 2 minutes left like a life time, then I checked the test and there was the two lines there my first thought was oh my god what do I say to my Mam? Will she kick me out of my house? Will she hate? she was my first worry.. I was so scared!!! have to say I was also happy even so soon after finding out 


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