Unwanted ugly


1. The Beginning

Goosebumps came upon my skin as I got out of my moms car. It was my first day at high school as a sophomore. I've been homeschooled for most of my life but today it is going to change. My mom gave me a big hug and gave me a map for the school. On my way to the main office, elegant ,beautiful people gave me odd looks. I spoke with the lady at the front desk and she too, gave me an off look. Confused as I was, I headed to the principals office. "You're Christina right?" I nodded yes and he too gave me an odd look. He looked around his office for a few minutes then focused on a paper looking like my registration paper. I looked around at the walls and saw quotes : "PRETTY IS ALWAYS BETTER" "UGLIES HAVE DISEASES" " PRETTY PEOPLE ARE WEALTHIER" I was confused for a few seconds then the principal spoke to me. "Okay so the seems to be a problem. We won't let you do many activities in the school but you can still come." A puzzled look came upon my face as he spoke his sentence. He must have seen my puzzled look because he said," Our school only allows pretty people to do our activities, and well, your not a pretty, your an ugly. My heart fell as I heard the words he said. A voice came into my head saying," please let this be a dream." But no, it wasn't a dream. This was real life. Was this how school was? The principal continued talking," There are some conditions: you will have to work in the cafeteria on Wednesdays, you must always sit in the back in classrooms, you will be kicked out of the classroom if you have anything to support uglies, and you cannot sit with any pretty at any time. More information will be on your class schedule." He handed me my schedule and I left the office in tears. I ran to the bathroom as girls laughed at me on my way. I washed my face then realized it was just the beginning.

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