FAE: The Lost Queen

Imagine that ever bedtime story you've heard about monsters, and fairies are real. Now imagine that they live right next to you. Not under your bed, but as normal people. Yes, this is the Society of Fae. They are not supernatural, they are real, and 17 year old Hera Shaw is about to find that out real fast. A terrible secret will be revealed. Two sides of Fae will fight for dominion, and Hera is the key to power. Will she be able to unite the sides together?


1. Prologue

Scheherazade ran through the halls of the glittering palace. Her bare feet lightly patted the ground, while she held the skirt of her dress out of the way. Curly light silver hair with bit of blue and red flowing at her waist, Queen Scheherazade exploded through the doors of her sister's bedroom.


There lay Amalia, Queen of the Dark Fae. The Fae that preferred to live underground in darkness instead of the light under the sun. Amalia didn't even give her sister the light of day as she continued to write a series of letters to the officials of underground. Scheherazade gave a disproving look which quickly turned into rising anger when she realized what Amalia was writing. Swiftly, as if the wind barrier her sister had put up was but a feather curtain, Scheherazade plucked the multiple letters from Amalia's hands and quickly read over them. When she had finished, the letters broke out in a brilliant fire in the palm of her hand.

"You ought to know better sister." Scheherazade warned her twin, "We agreed not to start a war with the insurgents, did we not?"


Amalia drew out a long sigh. "Zaddy, you know these barbarians will not cease in their putrid attacks against our kingdom."


"They will stop if we leave them alone. To use force to put them down would only make things worse. I think if we were only to respond with public speeches, then the rebels would see our side and stop."


"You can't possibly believe that!"


"I do, and so should you."


"They are slaughtering our people! They murder innocent children, Scheherazade! And you would ignore this?"


Scheherazade tried to calm her sister, but Amalia would not give her the chance.

"No, sister! Look at these messages I have received! These videos of them mercilessly murdering crying children! LOOK!!"


Amalia moved over as she revealed the gruesome and grotesque beheading of kids no older than thirteen. Scheherazade's face turned into a look of complete horror.


"You didn't give this evidence at the council?" She shook all over.


Amalia felt her sadness, her woe, her complete and utter terror at the sight they just witnessed. "I only just received them. Please sister, we must go to war, it is the only way to save our children. Our people."


Scheherazade straightened. "Call the War Council into committee." She said with blank hatred. "Tell them that we are at war."


A tear slipped from Amalia's face, and Scheherazade wiped it away. "We must be strong sister." She said as Amalia rested her head against her shoulder. "We will not tolerate the death of children. The death of our future as a species."


What happened next seemed like dream, a terrible dream that was reality. The ceiling fell around them and men dressed from head to toe in black dropped from a dark helicopter. The bedroom doors were wrenched open as the queens' protectors, Taylor and Ren, ran to suppress the intruders.


Amalia and Scheherazade put up barriers to protect themselves. Amalia ripped open a portal to the door and pulled her sister through with her. As they ran from the royal bedchamber, Scheherazade looked back.


Taylor shouted behind them. "GO! You must get out of here your Majesties!"


Scheherazade turned and left with her sister to the palace foyer. There, the palace servants were being executed by the attackers. Amalia started to go, but her sister held her back, pointing to the chandeliers hanging gracefully from the still intact ceiling.


"Your scythe is more suited to an aerial assault in here. I'll take them out with my bow." Amalia looked into her sisters bright baby blue eyes and nodded. She opened a portal and went to the middle chandelier. Scheherazade nodded, as if accepting that this was actually happening. She stepped out from behind the staircase she was hiding behind.


The insurgents looked her way, letting go of the maid they were going to behead. The poor thing ran out of the palace, but the attackers didn't go after her. They just stood there. The Queen readied herself for their imminent attack, summoning her bow of light and making her resolved to kill.


Just as predicted the insurgents attacked. Shooting iron bullets, and throwing daggers. Some even advance with swords, no doubt made from iron. Scheherazade drew the bow back and an arrow made of pure light flew true, ripping it's way through the flesh of the insurgents. When the onslaught became to much for her, Amalia jumped from the chandelier and brought the blade of her scythe down through the body of one oppressor.


There the two Queens stood, back to back, shooting and tearing away at the sheer mass of attackers that didn't seem to stop. Amalia opened a portal and pushed her sister through. Scheherazade fell into a sham bush on the bank of the large pond in one of the many secret gardens behind the palace. Before it could close, she shot a recall arrow, an arrow that immediately transport the holder to the place it was shot from, through the portal to her sister. Amalia caught the arrow and dodged just in time to avoid being cut in half by a fairly large blade and was enveloped in a burst of light. A moment later, she was standing beside her sisters form.


"You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?"


Amalia's mouthed twitched into a genuine smile. "Of course not. After all, we're twins."


And suddenly, everything went black.

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