The Misunderstood

There were four more baby's born the night Renesmee was born. Elizabeth Anne Cullen, Edward Jacob (EJ) Cullen, Luke Anthony Cullen, and Lucy Lee Cullen. The problem was, each baby, except Renesmee and EJ, was disliked by a different Cullen. They had to face the fact about being disliked by someone. But when their appearance enhances to age nine. Elizabeth, Luke, and Lucy will run away. EJ goes with them. He isn't like Renesmee. He actually cares for his syblings. Their lives turn upside down when they meet 'The Michaelson's' and
'The Salvoters'. They finally found a place and people where they can call home. But what if The Cullen's find them.


2. Two |Twilight|

Lucy's P.O.V.

"Morphine!" Someone screamed but I couldn't make out who it was. It didn't matter now, the only thing that mattered was the fact that I couldn't breathe. So I gave up trying to breathe, it wasn't worth it, it wasn't worth the pain of trying.

"Alice- get Carlisle on the phone!" And when someone said that name, Alice; I realized I did have something to breathe for, my family. Yes family, that's what all these people were to me; momma, daddy, My siblings, Rose, Jasper, Alice, and even Jacob, they were my family.

"What's happening, Edward?

Then I started to breathe again, I knew if I didn't start now I would… die. And I didn't want to die. But I couldn't breathe and it was so very painful to try. But I had to try for my family. The smallest movements hurt. I peeked around my room, seeing my brothers and sister huddled closely together while Renesmee kicked and gasped for breath

"He's suffocating."



"The morphine –"

"NO! NOW!" 


They were talking again. I didn't even try to understand them. Then I knew either way, if I breathed or didn't breathe, I was going to die. And then I felt something I have never felt before… fear.

"GET ME OUT! GET ME OUT! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" Now I was screaming.

We all started moving and thrashing around. But one of us kicked too hard and something snapped. It was loud. Then I could tell that we had done something horrible, something wrong. Momma didn't respond when we hurt her.

"PLEASE LET US OUT! PLEASE! Please. please…" My sister, not Renesmee, pleaded.

Right before I knew that I would be lost forever, never to see my momma, my daddy, my family, Even Jacob… There was a terrible noise. Like metal being torn into pieces. This horrible noise was our savior, our ticket out of here. A bright light peeked through a small hole. A pair of big hands grabbed Renesmee.

"Renesmee." Daddy whispered. I heard it from a small distance. 

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

After Renesmee was pulled out, and was claimed Renesmee. Cold hands wrapped around my small and non-fragile body. A bright light hit my eyes and I realized for the first time that my eyes had been closed. So I opened them. And I could see the world for the first time. I took in a deep breath and the two hands, sparkling red in the bright light, reached for me, and cautiously but swiftly lifted me out of momma. The hands cradled me.

"Another one." Daddy whispered. He was holding me and I felt safe in his arms. I leaned in his touch. He smiled softly at me. Then his gazed turned back to momma. She was beautiful. She held Renesmee close to her. But then I remembered about my other siblings in the suffocation room. I looked straight ahead at him and raised my hand to his cheek. I didn't know what I was doing, but it felt right. 

"PAPA! The others. Please help them."

"Others?" He furrowed his eyebrows. But there was a small twinkle in his eyes that indicated that he was amazed by my gift. Suddenly Renesmee bit momma. For a brief second her blood flowed passed Renesmee's teeth and then she was gone, taken from my momma. Papa held me in one arm while Renesme in the other.

"No, Renesmee." Daddy gently scolded me.

But daddy I am so thirsty.

Woah. Where did that come from. It didn't come from me. Those are not my thoughts. I wasn't the one who bit momma. It was Renesmee. Renesmee. Her thoughts.
I heard momma's heart stopped and I knew that when someone's heart stops it was bad. There was a brief pause and then everything was in fast motion. Daddy was frantically trying to give us to the other person in the room but he wouldn't take us.

"Throw it out the window." He said. Jacob said. Jacob's skin was the warm even from a distance.

"Give her to me." Rose. Rose was here, she would save us from being thrown out the window. Daddy snarled at her when she said she would take us away.

Don't worry daddy, Rose will take good care of me.

There it goes again. A voice. 

"I have got it under control," Rose reassured Papa. "Give me the baby, Edward. I'll take care of her until Bella…" Then Renesmee was placed in Rose's hard, cold arms, but she stepped away when Papa tried giving me to her.

"Not her." Rose said coldly.  WHAT!! What do you mean.
"I've got her Edward." Said a sweet and gentle voice.
"Esme." Papa breathed out in relief. I was passed down to Esme. 

Edward-Jacob's P.O.V.

Try to breathe, alright. Papa will get us out. I tried to reassure my brother and sister who barely nodded.
I.Cant.Breathe. my brother complained in between shaky breaths. 

I heard momma's heart stop and I knew that when someone's heart stops it was bad. We were almost in our last breaths until cold and sparkling hands grabbed onto to me and pulled me out. I dragged my siblings with me. I just hope we made it. But I didn't know what happened. I blacked out before even knowing it. 

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