The Misunderstood

There were four more baby's born the night Renesmee was born. Elizabeth Anne Cullen, Edward Jacob (EJ) Cullen, Luke Anthony Cullen, and Lucy Lee Cullen. The problem was, each baby, except Renesmee and EJ, was disliked by a different Cullen. They had to face the fact about being disliked by someone. But when their appearance enhances to age nine. Elizabeth, Luke, and Lucy will run away. EJ goes with them. He isn't like Renesmee. He actually cares for his syblings. Their lives turn upside down when they meet 'The Michaelson's' and
'The Salvoters'. They finally found a place and people where they can call home. But what if The Cullen's find them.


6. Six |The Originals|

|No Ones P.O.V.|   -edited-

~100 years later~

"So what brings you to the Big Easy?" Asked Camille as she served Elijah his drink. Elizabeth (X) and Luke (X) narrowed their eyes as they sat either side of him. Music played in the background.
       Elijah gave her a smile, "We used to live here." He said.
       Camille leaned forward a bit, "Really, when?"
       "Oh, it feels like a hundred years ago." Elizabeth joked, but it was the truth.
       "I just moved here myself. What brought you back?" Camille Questioned.
       "Well, my brother's here somewhere. I'm afraid he might have got himself into a bit of a bind." Elijah said slowly as he looked down at his glass.
       Camille got down to get another cup, "You say that like it's a common occurrence." She said confused.
       "Well . . . he's complicated. Defiant, ill-mannered, and a little temperamental." Stepped in Luke as he wondered why Camille was soo interested in their lives.
       "See, we don't share the same father. Of course that never bothered me, but my brother resents it deeply. Never felt like he belongs." Elijah explained.
       "All told, he has a long history of getting himself into trouble." Elizabeth added.
       Camille nodded, "And I'm guessing you have a long history of getting him out of it." Camille asked as she looked at the three, but mainly Elijah. Elijah nodded and smiled.
       "I'm guessing you're all siblings." Camille pointed at the three.
       Elizabeth shook her head, "He's our Uncle," she pointed at Elijah, "And his brother's our fathers." She pointed out, careful not to mention Klaus as that will create a problem.
       "What kind of bind is your brother in?" Camille asked as she now had her fully attention on Elijah.
        "He believes there are people in this town that are conspiring against him." Elijah said as he thought of the time Klaus had feasted on a man very viciously.
       Camille nodded with wide eyes, "Wow. Narcissistic and paranoid." She shook her head as Elijah folded his hands. Luke observed her interest once again. This time, Camille noticed, "Sorry. Bartender with a grad degree in psychology. Total cliché." She laughed softly as Luke nodded towards her.
       Elizabeth read her nameplate, "Listen, Camille, I'm looking for someone who might shed some light on his current predicament. She works here, Jane-Anne Deveraux. Any idea where I might find her?" She asked.
    "No," she hesitated, "But I know someone who might."


A street in New Orleans. It was dark, just some bright signs can be seen. A female tour guide talked to some tourists.
       "Welcome to New Orleans, and the crown jewel of the Crescent city, the French Quarter," Sabine spread her arms and gestured to her surroundings, "Jazz and jambalaya, romance, poetry, not to mention the things that go bump in the night," Jazz played as they passed a fortune teller, "Monsters that feed off human blood, vengeful spirits of the dead, and my personal favorite, the witches," they stopped at front of a shop, "Here we have the voodoo shop, Jardin Gris. Go on, browse for a hex." Said Sabine. The tourists entered the shop while Sabine stood outside, taking a few steps towards three people who stood standing near the shop.
       "Are you going to continue following me, or do you wanna talk?" Sabine looked at the three carefully, "Elijah, Edward, and last but not least, sweet old Elizabeth."
       "You know who we are." Elijah asked. It was rare for someone to know you but you don't know them.
       "Original vampires, the men always wear suits, except for two," Sabine said as she brought up Luke and Luke, "And the women always stayed together with any of the family members," Elijah smiled, "You and your family are famous amongst the witches, especially with your . . . brother and his cildren back in town." She informed.
       "Niklaus's children are here for helpful reasons, they are not on the same road as their father, I will assure you," Sabine nodded, "And, well, Niklaus is here because he learned that a witch was conspiring against him. Someone by the name of Jane-Anne Deveraux." Elijah said.
       Sabine's look saddened, "Well, if he's looking for Jane Anne, he's a little late--." She said, her voice sharp and a bit angry.
       "Hold up--." Luke interrupted.
       "Are you telling me she's dead?" Elizabeth added.
       "Come on, her sister Sophie's gonna want to talk to you." Sabine said as she leaded the way to a passageway and stopping a little further to show us a small group crowding around an unconscious body. A dead body.

A/N: Yay!!! First chapter with The Originals. 

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