The Misunderstood

There were four more baby's born the night Renesmee was born. Elizabeth Anne Cullen, Edward Jacob (EJ) Cullen, Luke Anthony Cullen, and Lucy Lee Cullen. The problem was, each baby, except Renesmee and EJ, was disliked by a different Cullen. They had to face the fact about being disliked by someone. But when their appearance enhances to age nine. Elizabeth, Luke, and Lucy will run away. EJ goes with them. He isn't like Renesmee. He actually cares for his syblings. Their lives turn upside down when they meet 'The Michaelson's' and
'The Salvoters'. They finally found a place and people where they can call home. But what if The Cullen's find them.


7. Seven |The Originals|

|Seven|   -edited-

There was a crowd of witches. They stood, kneeling and crouching sadly around the body of their fallen friend, Jane-Anne. The body layed on the ground, obviously dead, with blood on its neck. There were some flowers and candles around the corpse. Sophie Deveraux sat near her sister, weeping silently. All of the witches looked depressed.
       Elijah, Elizabeth, Luke and Sabine, the witch tour guide, appeared. They were truly shocked. They stopped a few hundred meters away from the mourning witches.
       "That's Jane-Anne?" Elijah turned to look at Sabine, then back, "Killed in public for anyone to find . . ." He said as he gazed at Sophie push some hair from her sisters face.
       "Only people that come around here are the witches," Sabine looked down, "Now her sister has come to take her body. Her spirit can't rest until it's been properly interred in the cemetery." Sabine said as she crossed her arms, still fixing her eyes on the floor.
       "Please tell me that my father had nothing to do with this." Luke prayed. He stared at Sabine as Elizabeth watched the sad scene unfold before her. 
       Elijah turned to look at Sabine as she spoke, "No. Jane-Anne died because she got caught doing magic." Sabine blinked her tears away.
       "What do you mean she got caught doing magic?" Elizabeth asked.
       Suddenly A loud whistle could be heard, "You wanna know who killed Jane-Anne?"          They all turned their heads to look down the street, "You're about to get your first glimpse of Marcel in action." Sabine said as she breathed a little harder.
        Elijah stood next to Sabine, "The vampire Marcel?" He questioned hastily. 
        "Things have changed since your family left town. Marcel has changed." Sabine answered. From their corners of their eyes, Elizabeth and Luke could see the vampires approaching the witches.
       Sabine looked at Elizabeth and Luke, "I'm asking you, stay hidden. If Marcel finds out that a witch lured the Originals back into town, my people will be slaughtered." Luke  and Elizabeth nodded. 
       Luke grabbed Elizabeth's hand, "Thank you." He said. He vamped speed up to a spot in the balcony so they were hidden in the shadows. Elijah soon joined them. They watched as Marcel and his gang came flashing in. One jumped on top of a car with speed and another came from a balcony, the last one came down from the top of a building.
       Marcel walked with his arms wide opened, "Well, well, well, what have we here?" He questioned as he walked directly to Sophie, "I gotta tell you Soph, this street corner is not proving the luckiest spot for your family tonight," Sophie stood up as one of Marcel's vampire friends growled at the witches showing his fangs, "Not half an hour ago, we had to teach your sister a little lesson." Marcel said as he smiled. Some of the witches backed away as Marcel's gang of vampires closed in on them.
      Sophie wiped her tears with the back of her hand, "We're putting her to rest Marcel. Leave us alone." She said quietly. Sniffling a bit.
       "I never said you could move the body," he stated, putting his hands on his hip, "Matter of fact, I left her here for a reason: send a message," he walked back and forth, "If anybody is thinking of joining some kind of rebellion, my rules state that witches can't practice magic in the Quarter and yet a little birdy informed me that Jane-Anne was cooking up something magically delicious," he smiled and laughed. Sophie stared at him as her cheeks had tear stains, Whatever yeah. While I have you, quick Q&A. My old friend – the hybrid, Klaus – he just happened to show up out of the blue asking for, of all people, Jane-Anne," he gestured to Jane-Anne's body in front of him," Any idea why?" He put his hands on his hip once again and raised an eyebrow at Sophie.
     Sophie sniffled, "I don't know. Witches don't get involved in vampire business." She said.
       "Hmm. That would be pretty stupid, that's for sure," Marcel walked around Sophie to stand behind her, "Tell you what, go back to the restaurant, cook up some of that famous gumbo, and keep those tourists happy," he whispered in her ear as she closed her eyes and shook her head, "Take the body." He commanded the vampires. The witches gasped and moved out of their way. They had weakened and Marcel had taken advantage of it. 
       "What?" Sophie turned around, "No! Stop! Stop! Marcel!" Sophie screamed as she tried to maker her way to Marcel and her sister's body but a vampire had blocked her way and grabbed her.
       Elizabeth stepped froward but Luke stopped her, "He can't just do that." She whispered as she glared at Luke. But all she got as a response was a no.
I'm gonnna hold on to your sister's body in case maybe you remember why Klaus is here." Marcel said as he walked away.
       Sophie squirmed in the vampires grasp, "Marcel please. Her body won't be at peace." She begged.
       Marcel held his hands in the air, "Not my problem." He sang. The rest of the vampires walked away with Jane-Anne's body. Elizabeth, Elijah, and Luke were still standing on the balcony, watching them.


"Ok, so let me get this straight," EJ said as he looked at Luke, "Marcel's still alive."
       Elizabeth glared at him, "Not just that, he killed the witch Dad was looking for." She said as they made their way to a table at Rousseaus.
        "Wait! You mean Jane-Anne!" Lucy exclaimed as she sat in front of Luke. Elizabeth sat in front of EJ, ofcource.
       Elizabeth scowled at her, "Say it louder." 
       Luke looked around the bar, "And now Marcel is looking for Dad--"
       "--And he would use us to get to him." EJ interrupted. Luke nodded. Marcel would do anything to find Klaus. That included using his adoptive children. But Marcel always underestimated the quadruplets. Although it has been 100 years since he has seen his siblings, he has no idea of what they are capable now they are more mature and grown up. But for now, it really wasn't necessary to know.
       EJ suddenly sighed, "How much time do we have." He asked Lucy.
       "Atleast 2 years." She answered.
       "No more running." Elizabeth said.
       Luke looked at them, "So . . . we're just going to let them find us," Elizabeth and EJ nodded, "Fine." He mumbled.

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