The Misunderstood

There were four more baby's born the night Renesmee was born. Elizabeth Anne Cullen, Edward Jacob (EJ) Cullen, Luke Anthony Cullen, and Lucy Lee Cullen. The problem was, each baby, except Renesmee and EJ, was disliked by a different Cullen. They had to face the fact about being disliked by someone. But when their appearance enhances to age nine. Elizabeth, Luke, and Lucy will run away. EJ goes with them. He isn't like Renesmee. He actually cares for his syblings. Their lives turn upside down when they meet 'The Michaelson's' and
'The Salvoters'. They finally found a place and people where they can call home. But what if The Cullen's find them.


4. Four |Twilight|

Luke's P.O.V.

It's been three days since our birth. Our growth grate increased faster than normal babys. EJ and Elizabeth looked like 1 year olds already. Lucy and I were about 8-7 months old. We weren't even a week old. Grandpa Carlisle measures us every morning. By the expressions of our family members, well, atleast the ones who care and don't label us 'monsters'. It was noticible from the beginning that we were disliked. The glares and the thoughts that are unspeakable, that's what Elizabeth says, that what they think of us as intruders, devil childs. She inherited mind reading like Papa, so did EJ, but EJ has a spot in the family. Lucy, Elizabeth and I are 'The Devil Children'. But EJ doesn't really care. He's only affectionate towards Papa, Grandmother, Grandfather, and Uncle Emmett. EJ says that he ignores the rest because Papa, Grandmother, Grandfather, and Uncle Emmett love us, addore us, and don't accuse us of something that we didn't even start. You might be wondering why Uncle Emmett's on the list. Well, let's just say that he doesn't care what we are, he isn't picking favorites either. Unlike the rest. 
On that morning, grandma came to the room that Lucy, Elizabeth, EJ, and I share and woke Lucy first. She reached for grandmother's cheek.

Where is everybody?

She stared at Lucy and then at me, noticing that I was already full awake and dangling half my body on the crib side board. She had a worried look on her face and said "Your momma is awake." 
       We didn't breathe. We didn't move. We didn't speak. It was like everyone was afraid of my momma. Which I didn't understand, my momma was perfect, she wasn't scary. Even when she was bleeding or sleeping my momma was an angel. Even if I wasn't there to see her, Elizabeth described her very beautifully. Momma wouldn't hurt anyone. The mutt, Jacob, turned the television but he muted it. The sound was just background noise to all the quietness that enveloped the house. Grandma Esme shifted, she was nervous.

 Lucy's P.O.V.

The next second I heard my daddy.
"Bella?" my daddy was worried about momma too. I wanted to be near daddy and tell him that he shouldn't be afraid; momma would never hurt us. "Bella, love? I'm sorry, I know it's disorienting. But you're all right. Everything is fine."
There was movement upstairs. It was silent again.
"Um… carefully, Bella. Ow."
Momma hurt daddy? Why? Didn't my momma love my daddy? Weren't mommas and daddy's supposed to love each other? I was overwhelmed with a since of sadness. I was so certain that my daddy loved momma. He was with her in that room and he was holding her hand and he wrote her a song. But now I wasn't so sure if my momma loved daddy. My face twisted up at this pain on the inside of my chest. I have never felt this feeling before and before anything could happen Grandpa Carlisle rubbed my cheeks and gave me a small smile; an encouraging smile. The pain in my chest subsided but the sadness remained.
I was so caught up in my mind that I almost missed hearing my momma's voice for the first time.
"I love you." My momma's voice was so beautiful. If her voice was one instrument before now it was a whole orchestra, like daddy's musical voice.
"As I love you," Daddy replied. And the sadness vanished. They loved each other. They loved my siblings and I. I loved them. We were going to be a family.
Then Uncle Emmett laughed at something and I had a strong desire to found out what it was that made him smile. I loved when he smiled. Uncle Emmett lit up the whole world; he always seemed to find the best in even the worst situation. I added being positive to my list of things to learn to be like along with being able to love like Grandmother, smart like Grandfather, fast like Auntie Alice, understanding like Uncle Jasper, and beautiful like Auntie Rosalie. But sometimes I guess they just misunderstand my ways, like they are afraid that Luke Elizabeth, and I would hurt them. Or something bad will become of us. But, adults shouldn't be afraid of three babies. Especially not vampires who have lived amongst humans for years and even centuries ago, to now, to the present.
There were soft mummers upstairs. I asked Grandpa Carlisle when will momma appear and he mouthed soon. I was so overwhelmed with this situation that I didnt pay much attention. I couldn't start to truly pay attention until I heard
"I want to see her, Renesmee." Renesmee's name coming out of momma's mouth was what brought me out of my thoughts. There were no words to describe the feeling of my broken heart when I heard when momma said Renesmee. She doesn't know about me, or any of my siblings. That hurt much. She wouldn't love me, or the others. Thoughts ran through my head.  

No Ones P.O.V.

Elizabeth, EJ, Luke, and Lucy stared in awe and disappointment as Bella showed soo much affection towards sweet old Renesmee. It was clear enough that she expected one baby cullen, but five would be off the limit. 
       "Bella." Edward stared at his wondrous wife as his words spilled slowly, "This is not easy. But please, understand, something like this isn't normal, we've never actually lived a normal life, why start now."
       Bella stared at him confusedly, "Where are you going with this." 
    "Carlisle, Esme." Edward called out his adoptive parents as they moved a bit from the shadows, revealing two packs of green eyes on two babies, and two packs of brown eyes on the other 2/4 of the babies. That's what stood out more, there sweet and gentle eyes, full of warmth as they stared at Bella with adoration. But that changed rather quickly as Bella flinched and held Renesmee a bit tighter, but cautious about it.
       "GET THOSE MONSTERS AWAY FROM ME AND MY DAUGHTER!" Those were the words Bella describe her children. Her own flesh and blood. Elizabeth, being the second oldest and a bit more understandable, stood her ground. Being the'pack' leader of their little group, meant being the one to comfort the rest. Such a young age to think like that, but then again, Cullen's weren't normal. From this point on, history would change, and so would the four children. 

The Misunderstood

A/N: Yay!! I found time to update. And as some of you may have noticed, my favorite of all is Elizabeth. So I want to finally continue this story faster so I can start with them meeting the Michaelsons and Salvatores, Elena, Bonie, Jeremy, Hayley, Davina, you can name them all. Maybe I'll skip Two years and make there appearance inhance to nine years old, then my crossover will pick up from there.

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