Broken Bounds

Family is power. The Original Vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together, always and forever. Now, centuries have passed and the bonds of family are broken. Time, tragedy, and hunger for power have torn The Original Family apart. And that may be Elaine Mikaelson's breaking point.


1. Always and Forever |Pt.1|

Elaine's Preface:

Over the course of my long life, I have come to believe we are bound forever to those with whom we share blood. And while we may not choose our family, that bond can be our greatest strength or our deepest regret. This unfortunate truth has haunted me for as long as I can recall.


|300 years ago|

       An abandoned ship was left in the middle of the sea. It wobbled as the small waves took control of it. This surely would catch anyways attention from their farthest peaks. And it certainly caught someone's eye already.
       "What do you make of that?" A man asked as he stood patiently beside his friend who had a pair of binoculars.
      "No banner; no flag. Floated in out of nowhere. A miracle ship." He answered as he broke contact with the binoculars. Looking his friend over and turning his attention back at sea.
       The man stood as he never broke contact with his friends figure, "Why is it just sitting out there?" He asked. His friend shrugged.
       He turned away from the binoculars and gave him a smug smile, "Suppose we ought to find out." He said. They made their way acoss sea, once there they entered the ship, below deck. They heard water drip as some fell upon the creaking walls and ceiling.They walked down the ladder one by one holding up lanterns for light. For as this time there wasn't two villagers, but they had other men with them as well.
       The first man walked further back confidently, "Where in hell is everyone?" He asked as his voice trailed off just a bit.
       "Deserted. Which makes everything in the hold legally forfeit. Take what suits you." Another one said. Who had clearly shown more aspects of being the leader of the group. He looked at the rest of the men as they opened boxes or rummaged the ship.
       "What do you make of that?" The leader questioned one of his crew as he referred to the completely black coffins that had only shown the cross gold. 
       "Open it up." He ordered. Two of the men hesitate slightly, but soon open the coffin, to reveal a daggered Kol.
       "What the hell?!" One of them exclaimed as his eyes trailed down to Kol's body and stopping back up at Kol's daggered heart. Suddenly a door was heard swung open and the men start to get attacked and disappear, but it is unclear who's doing the attacking. There are wind sounds nearby as the men start to disappear one by one. Leaving the leader the last one left. He held up his lantern to see who's taking his men.
       "Hello." Rebekah greeted semingly kindly with a hint of sweetness and innocence.
He turned around with his lantern up to face Rebekah. She is vamped up and her veins began to disappear.
       she wipes the blood off her lips with her handkerchief, "Lovely to see such a  handsome face after a long journey, " The man had a confused face as he looked at Rebekah, "Can I eat him, brother?" She suddenly said as the man's breath hitched.
       "I'd rather you didn't." Elijah's voice was heard as a voiceover and soon he appeared out of a dark corner. He smiled slightly at the man between him and his dearest sister..
       "There's no need to be afraid," Soothed Elijah. But he soon compelled the man, "And do exactly as I say. You will remember nothing." They both stared as Elijah's brown orbs manipulated the man.
       "I will remember nothing." The man's gruff voice whispered.
       "We've had a very long journey, wherein which, unfortunately, we lost all of our crew. Therefore, I will ask you kindly to transport our belongings to the shore." Commanded Elijah.
       "What kind of hell demons are you?" The man said as he looked between Rebekah and Elijah. His british accent trailing to a small sob.
       "We're vampires, darling," Rebekah puffed her chest, "The Original vampires: Rebekah, Elijah, our brothers Kol and Finn; may they rest in peace," she said as she gestured towards the coffins, "And Elaine, which she must be around here somewhere."
       "Are we saving the best for last?" Klaus said as he gazed at Rebekah under him. Elaine appeared next to him as she held a body and drank from it just a tiny bit. 
       "And our half-brother, Niklaus. Ignore him; he's a beast." Rebekah said as she turned her attention back to the man. Elaine passed the body towards Klaus. A second later his face was vamped up with blood over his mouth and he laughed slightly at Rebekah's comment, before pushing the dead body to the ground, which landed with a loud thud. 
       Elaine appeared next to Rebekah, "Since when do we play with our food, brother." she said immediately as Elijah just gave her a smile and shook his head. Elaine huffed in annoyence and looked away from the man no longer interested in what he had to do with their situation this moment.
       "We fled Europe and survived the seas. Would you rather I arrive hungry on the  shores of our new homeland?" Klaus said as he smiled down at them.
        Elaine's attention snapped towards Klaus, "Niklaus, your manners are, as always, without equal," she then turned towards the man, "Sir, would you be so good as to tell us where it is that we have landed?" She asked politely as ever. Her voice becoming low and gentle.
       "The French colony of Louisiana, off the shores of a town they have named New Orleans." The man answered quickly without hesitation.
       "Thank you so much," said Elijah as he followed his sisters out of the deck, "Oh, I do recommend that you find yourself further assistance for the luggage. My sincere apologies." He apologized as he looked around at the bloody trails of their victims.
Elijah soon left. The man looked around with his lantern to see his men lying dead on the ground. Some against the wall, they were covered with their own blood. The walls had blood on them as well. All the men had been 'rippered' to pieces just below their chins.

A/N: YAY!!! First chapter and I'm so excited to hear your opinions. If it needs work or more details, just tell me and I'll work on it. What do you guys think of Elaine's character or how about the person I chose to represent her. Do you think that I should find someone a bit more intimidating. 

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