Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


8. Chapter 8

 *​ later that day*

  Sierra pov: After the tattoo session, Sam wanted me to stay over so he took me to my house first. 

    *in front of Sierra's apartment in Sam's car*

  Sam: *looks at Sierra* alright babe call me when you're ready to be picked up

  Sierra: ok *smiles* I might be a while

  Sam: its ok, take all the time in the world, i'll be home *chuckles*

   Sierra: *chuckles* ok

   Sam: *leans over and kisses Sierra*

   Sierra: *gets out and goes inside her house*

    Sam: *drives off*

  *at Sam's house*

    Sam pov: I walk in after dropping Sierra off at her house, I walk in to my kitchen to see Jordan and Warren

    Sam: what.. how did you get in

  Jordan: we know where you leave the spare key

  Sam: ooh *grabs a bottle of water*

    Warren: where were you anyways

   Sam: I was getting my sleeve done

   Jordan: was Sierra there *jokingly*

    Warren: ooo

    Sam: *smiles and blushes*

   Jordan: whats going on with you two any way

  Sam: whats with the 20 questions *smirks*

  Jordan: listen I have a right to know, Sierra is my little sister ok.. I know about her crushes, boyfriends, ex boyfriends in which I scared some away, beat up some. So what is going on between you two?

  Sam: what about Warren  

  Warren: ok um offended a little *chuckles* but look Sierra is a nice girl, she's cool, I can see her being around a long time, I see her being close to all of the boys and I can see she's getting pretty close to you.

   Sam: yea

   Jordan: so again whats up with you two  

  Sam: I don't know really, like I wanna be with her, I like her a lot  

  Jordan: but she doesn't feel the same way  

  Sam: what... what do you mean she doesn't feel the same way

  Jordan: i'm just asking

  Sam: ooh  

  Jordan: she likes you, she's just scared of being hurt again

   Sam: I won't hurt her though I've told her that

  Jordan: she doesn't believe it, unless she sees it

  I was gonna say something when my phone rang, I picked it up and saw it was Sierra calling, I answered it right away

  Sam: hey baby you ready

   Sierra: yea


    While me and Sierra were talking I was looking at Jordan and Warren smirking at me


   Sam: ok babe i'm on my way over...bye *hangs up*

   Jordan: aww you guys are so cute

    Sam: shut up, you guys staying until I get back or leaving

   Warren: I think we should stay Jordan *looks at Jordan laughing*

    Jordan: yea I would love to see Sierra *smirks*

   Sam: *chuckles* ok well I'm going to pick her up so please don't mess up my house

    Jordan: do you know who we are

   Sam: yes that's why I'm telling you

   Warren: go get your girl

    I walk out and get into my car and drive to Sierra's house and pick her up, we came back to my house, we walked in when we saw the mess.



   Sam: what the hell? *looks around*

   There was toilet paper every where and just a complete mess

    Jordan: oh hey bro hey short stuff

    Sam: What the hell did you guys do to my house

  Warren: we fixed it up for you, your welcome

    Sam: *angrily*

    Sierra: *puts her hand on his back* relax

    Sam: *calms down and smiles at Sierra* thanks babe

   Jordan: so what are we doing

    Sam: well me and Sierra are going to make some food. While you two clean up my house

    Jordan: what...Sierra

    Sierra: i'm not in this

    Sam: come on babe *grabs Sierra hand and takes her to the kitchen* sorry about that

    Sierra: its ok, but why would they trash your house 

  Sam: because they were here when I came back from dropping you off, and before I left to pick you up  I told them not to make a mess but they didn't listen and yea  

Sierra: *laughs*                                                                          






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