Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


7. Chapter 7

* 2 days later*

Sierra pov: today i went to the studio, since Sam was getting his tattoo done. He wanted me to be there when he got it.

When i arrived Sam was sitting in the chair and the guy was preparing his tools

Sierra: hey you *poke Sam's head*

Sam: *looks up and smiles* hey *leans up for a kiss*

Sierra: *leans down and kisses Sam*

Jon: ok Sam you ready

Sam : um hold on *grabs Sierra and places her on his lap* now i'm ready

Jon: is this her *looks at Sam*

Sam: *smiles* yea

Jon: he really likes you, he talks about you non stop

Sierra: *smiles*

After 5 mins i guess it was starting to hurt Sam since he kept tightening his grip on my waist. When i looked at him he squeezed his eyes shut and winced

Sierra: you ok

Sam: yea it just hurts a little

Sierra: aww poor baby

Sam: shut up *laughs* ahh *painfully* Sierra kiss me

Sierra: what

Sam: kiss me make me forget about the pain please

Sierra: how is a kiss gonna help

Sam: when i'm kissing you i block everything out except you, it makes me forget about everything please *grabs Sierra's face and kisses her*

After about 2 hours Sam's tattoo was finally done, it took a couple kisses to keep him from crying and screaming in pain.

Sam: thank you for being here to help me

Sierra: anytime *smiles*

Sam: *smiles and kisses Sierra* you got lipgloss on again

Sierra: no chapstick

Sam: *chuckles* so i never got the chance to ask you do you still think i'm a player

Sierra: now that i'm starting to get to know you, the whole you being a player thing flew out the window

Sam: *smiles* good, right now i'm taking it slow with you after what happened in the past with you

In the past i dated a guy who i really liked, we dated for a couple weeks when i found out that he was texting one of my closest friends and when we broke up he ended up having a crush on her and they ended up hanging out, while i was at home heartbroken. Since then i haven't dated anyone, i was worried that if i did they would end up having a crush on my friend. Thats why with Sam i never want him to meet her.

Sierra: thanks, i'm just worried that if we become something, i don't want to fall for you and you end up leaving me for her

Sam: listen, i know what you mean, ok but i like you and only you, ever since i met you, i don't even look at any other girls because they are nothing compared to you. When the boys talk about girls i literally zone out, but once they say your name i'm all ears and smiling.

Sierra: just don't hurt me please

Sam: never in a million years

Sierra: *smiles*

Sam: *kisses Sierra*

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