Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


6. Chapter 6

* a week later*

Sierra pov: its been a week since my first date with Sam. We have been talking more and going on little meet ups here and there. But today he invited me and Kim to his house to hang out with the boys. When we arrived all the boys were in the kitchen talking

Jordan: hey short stuff *smiles and hugs Sierra*

Sierra: hii

I say hi to all the boys and go to Sam

Sam: thanks for coming *smiles and hugs Sierra*

Sierra: no problem

After talking to the boys for a bit they went to the living room and played games

Sam: come *grabs Sierra's hand*

Sierra: where

Sam: play ping pong with me *grabs a paddle and gives one to Sierra*

Sierra: *laughs* ok

Sam: let's make a bet

Sierra: you wanna bet me ok

Sam: ok so if i win i get a kiss *winks*

Sierra: *blushes and smiles* and if i win

Sam: you can do whatever you want to me

Sierra: ok lets play

After 4 rounds Sam ended up winning 3 rounds and me winning one

Sam: *drops paddle* i win

Sierra: you cheated

Sam: how *laughs*

Sierra: i don't know but you did

Sam: either way i still get my kiss *gets close to Sierra*

Sierra: no because you cheated

Sam: *lifts Sierra and sits her on the ping pong table and gets close to her face* where's my kiss

Sierra: i don't know find it

Sam: ok *smirks and looks around Sierra and comes up and pecks her lips* found it

Sierra: *pulls Sam in for another kiss*

That one little peck turned into a full out make out session, we were rudely interrupted by Kim and Mitch

Mitch: YES SAM!!!!!

Sierra: *pulls away and hides her face*

Kim: *laughs* Sierra i'm staying over at Mitch's want me to take you home

Sierra: um

Sam: its ok Kim she's gonna stay over

Sierra: *looks at Sam* what

Kim: Sierra you sure

Sierra;: *looks at Kim* yea

Kim: ok *leaves*

After Kim and the boys left Sam took me up to his room and i sat on his bed

Sierra: why is it your room is bigger than mine

Sam: *chuckles and takes his shirt off* its not that big babe

My heart fluttered when he called me babe, i couldn't believe that i was actually falling for him

I was so interested on his room i didn't see Sam come and lay beside me

He then lifts my face and kisses me

Sierra: you got lipgloss all over your face now *wipes Sam's mouth*

Sam: thanks for that no one told you to wear that

Sierra: no one told you to kiss me knowing i had lipgloss on

Sam: i couldn't help my self. *smirks*

Sierra: have a really nice body *rubs her hand up and down his body*

Sam: thanks so do you *winks*

Sierra: shut up *rubs his left arm and his tattoo* didn't these hurt

Sam: some of them did

Sierra: why did you get so many

Sam: i don't know i always wanted a sleeve. i'm getting another one here *points to an empty space on his arm*

Sierra: when

Sam: in like 2 days, wanna come with me

Sierra: aww want me to hold your hand if it hurts

Sam: yes and if i sit still and be a good boy i'll get a kiss after *smirks*

Sierra: *laughs*

Sam: *kisses Sierra*

After Sam and i fell asleep cuddling.

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