Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


3. Chapter 3

* Jordan's house warming party*

Sierra pov: i walked in with Emily to Jordan's house and said hi to everyone when Jordan came up to me

Jordan: SHORT STUFF *opens his arms*

Sierra: TALL STUFF * jumps in Jordans arms and hugs him*

Jordan: i'm so glad you made it

Sierra: thanks for inviting me

Jordan: come the boys are in the kitchen

I follow Jordan to the kitchen to see all the boys sitting and talking, when a certain guy caught my eye, he was leaning on the counter with a beer in his hand, he wore black shoes, black pants, a white shirt, and an orange hat. He had his whole left arm covered in tattoos and his left ear pierced. I'm not gonna lie he looked good, but he looked like a typical player to me.

Ash: hey Sierra *hugs her*

Sierra: hey Ash *smiles*

I said hi to all the boys when Jordan pulled me to the guy that was leaning on the counter

Jordan: Sierra this is Sam, Sam this is my good friend Sierra

Sam: nice to meet you, Jordan told us lots of things about you *smiles*

Sierra: good things i hope

Jordan: course, ok so you two talk and get to know each other i'll be back *leaves*

Sam: so where you from *drinks his beer*

Sierra: Puerto Rico

Sam: ooo so you're spanish

Sierra: yea

Sam: so you moved over here from Puerto Rico

Sierra: no i lived in New York before i came over here, i finished school

Sam: how old are you

Sierra: 16

Sam: and you finished school

Sierra: yup

Sam: nice, you know you're really beautiful

Sierra: thanks

Sam and i continued talking throught out the night. I went home after and spoke to Kim

Phone convo:

Kim: so i saw you and Sam how was it

Sierra: i don't like him

Kim: *shocked* what why

Sierra: he seems like a player to me

Kim: no no Sierra he's not, i swear, he's a really gentleman.

Sierra: i don't know

Kim and i continued talking when we hung up and fell asleep.

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