Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


25. Chapter 25

* a couple days later*

Sierra pov: today Sam was heading to rehearsals for the performance with Little Mix. I asked Sam multiple times if i can go but of course he said i'm not allowed too. I was in his kitchen when he came in.

Sam:ok babe i'll see you later tonight *hugs Sierra*

Sierra: why can't i go with you 

Sam: *sighs* sweetheart you already know why, i can't have you and Jade in the same room together 

Sierra: *sighs* 

Sam: i already told you i won't do anything ok, i'm just going to rehearse i'll be back tonight

Sierra: ok 

Sam: *kisses Sierra and leaves*

Sam pov: i left my house and got in my car, and drove to the studio, when i arrived i walked in and saw everyone except Ike who is always late. I walked in and set my bag down, when of course Jade came up to me and wrapped her arms around me. I grabbed her arms and took them off me thinking of Sierra and how mad she'll be if she found out about this

Jade: come on Sammy don't be so uptight 

i stayed silent reminding myself that Sierra doesn't want me talking to Jade at all, i turned around and took my sweater off and placed it on top of my bag, when i turned around again to go upstairs to talk to Ash about our performance when Jade pushed me against the wall and pushed her lips on mine, before i could push her off i heard a gasp, i looked to the side and saw Sierra. I pushed Jade off and walked to Sierra and saw tears roll down her face

Sam: baby its not what it looks like..i swear 

Sierra: *sighs* its over 

Sam: baby no please i love you 

i heard the boys come down, i saw Sierra look at Jordan and run to him 

Jordan: what's going on

Sam: *tears up* baby please don't leave me please she kissed me i swear 

i watch as Sierra cries her heart out into Jordan. I can't believe i broke the only girl i love's heart 

Jordan: come on Sierra

Jordan takes Sierra and leaves i turn and look at Jade

Sam: look what you did, i just lost the only woman i love because of you. I loved that girl more than anything. And now she's gone. That girl made me happy, and you ruined that. For now on stay the fuck away from me. We are never getting back together. *walks out* 

i get in my car and drive to my house and try to call Sierra but get no answer. I try all night and still get nothing. I was awake all night replaying Sierra's face. I broke her heart and its killing me. 

* next morning* 

i was in my kitchen with my head in my hands and tears running down my face when someone started knocking on my door. 

Sam: come in 

i saw Kim and Mitch come in 

Kim: oh my gosh sam *hugs Sam* 

Mitch: bro what happened you look a mess

Sam: i am i just lost the girl i love over a jealous ex, i'm fucking heart broken. *sighs* i've been crying all night

Kim: i'm sorry 

Sam: how is she Kim *looks at Kim*

Kim: *sighs* she hasn't stop crying, i was with her all night,she didn't wanna eat or anything. Finally she cried herself to sleep. i left a note for her to call me when she wakes up but she hasn't yet 

Sam: i gotta get her back, i can't live without her 

Kim: go after her

Sam: how she doesn't want to see me 

Kim: you never know unless you try

i knew Kim was right, i got up and showered and shaved and changed into a nice dress shirt with black pants and black shoes and walked downstairs. 

Kim: woah 

Sam: i'll be back  

I got my car keys and got in my car and drove to a flower shop and bought a big bouquet of Sierra's favorite flower pink roses and drove to her house. I got out and knocked on the door. Suddenly i saw her open the door and look at me. I saw nothing but pain in her eyes

Sierra: what do you want

Sam: i want you to listen to me and hear me out please

Sierra: listen to what, i saw everything i trusted you Sam

Sam: give me 5 mins please

Sierra: fine 


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