Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


24. Chapter 24

* next morning* 

Sierra pov: i woke up the next morning in Sam's arms. I saw that he was still sleeping so i got up and took a shower and got dressed. I then went downstairs and fed Jax. I grabbed my laptop and was reading email and stuff cause i knew Sam wasn't gonna be up for a bit, since it was 9 am. He would probably be up by 10:30 ish. I decided to clean up a bit and make breakfast for him for when he wakes up. After an hour i heard footsteps and seen Sam come down fully showered and dressed. 

Sam: morning beautiful *smiles and kisses Sierra* what are you doing up early 

Sierra: i woke up early, i made you breakfast 

Sam: really 

Sierra: yea 

Sam: thanks babe *eats food* you doin anything today

Sierra: no why

Sam: i gotta go down to the studio for a fitting for our costumes for a performance in a few weeks, also i got to resign my contract for Diversity and do some food shopping wanna come

Sierra: sure 

After Sam was done eating we drove down to the studio and walked in. I sat in the studio and watched Sam get fitted for his performance costume, after that was done he went and resigned his contract finally we were in the car on our way to go food shopping. 

Sam: so listen i gotta tell you something 

Sierra: what 

Sam: you know that performance i told you about that we got in a few weeks

Sierra: yea

Sam: Ash didn't tell us all the details until today, and um we are actually performing with Little Mix 

Sierra: what Sam no i don't want you anywhere near Jade, she's trying to get you back

Sam: babe i have to its my job, i'll avoid her i won't talk to her or anything i promise 

Sierra: Sam 

Sam: do you trust me

Sierra: yes its her i don't trust 

Sam: i understand that sweetheart but i gotta do this, trust me i won't do anything

Sierra: ok 

Sam: can i ask you something

Sierra: what

Sam: if i were to do something with Jade what would you do

Sierra: lets just say this what we have will be gone, if you do try to do something with her, you will never see or hear from me again. 

Sam: are you serious 

Sierra: yup 

Sam's pov: when Sierra told me that she would leave me if i even talk or look at Jade gets me scared. I can't lose her, i am utterly in love with this girl. I gotta stay away from Jade at all cost. I can't let her run Sierra off. I don't know what i would do if i lost this girl, i was so close to losing her before i'm not trying to let that happen again. I'm more in love with Sierra than i was ever with Jade. I was overthinking to much that i didn't even hear Sierra calling me

Sam: huh *looks at Sierra*

Sierra: we're ok 

Sam: yea i'm fine

Sierra: you sure

Sam: yes *gets outs and opens the door for Sierra* 

i walk in with Sierra holding on to my arm. I grabbed a cart and we began roaming the aisles. I kept thinking about what Sierra was saying back in the car. Again i zoned out and didn't hear her calling me

Sierra: Sam 

Sam: what *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: babe whats wrong

Sam: nothing babe i'm fine

Sierra: no your not you keep zoning out and ignoring me when i call you 

Sam: i'm fine what do you need 

Sierra: i asked you what do you need for your house 

Sam: uhm just get whatever 

I watched as she began putting random things in the cart, after about an hour we finished and i paid for everything and we went back to the car. Through out the whole time i couldn't get what Sierra said out of my head it kinda got me scared and worried. 

Sam: um babe

Sierra: yea

Sam: i'm gonna drop you off at your house for a bit i need to go home and just clear my head 

Sierra: um ok 

I drove to Sierra's house and dropped her off. I kissed her goodbye and drove off to my house. When i got to my house i got out the car and put the groceries away and sat on the couch. I decied to call Jordan over since he knows Sierra more than i do. After a short wait he was here.

Jordan: whats up man, you sounded worried *sits down*

Sam: *sighs* i am 

Jordan: what's going on

Sam: its this whole thing with Sierra and Jade, like Jade wants me back and is coming in between me and Sierra 

Jordan: what does Sierra think of it 

Sam: she's pretty upset about it, today in the car i told her about our performance with the girls and she was not happy about it, she doesn't want me looking or even talking to Jade. She said if i do, its over between us and that i will no longer see or hear from her again. 

Jordan: bro you should really listen to her

Sam: Jord i'm scared * tears up*

Jordan: Sam *rubs his back* why are you scared 

Sam: i'm scared i'm gonna lose her, i'm scared that i'm gonna fuck up and hurt her and she's gonna leave me. I don't know what i would do without her *cries* 

Jordan: you're not gonna lose her mate. You really love her don't you

Sam: more than anything, i can't have Jade coming in and ruining what i have with Sierra 

Jordan: you're not gonna lose her mate

Sam: can you talk to Jade and tell her to leave Sierra and i alone please 

Jordan: sure thing bro

Sam: thanks mate 

after my conversation with Jordan he left and i got up and showered and took a nap to try and get things off my head. A couple hours later i awoke to someone knocking on my door. I got up and answered it to see Sierra, before i could say anything she ran into my arms and hugged me, as an instinct i hugged back

Sierra: *looks at Sam* you're not gonna lose me ever

Sam: *smiles* let me guess Jordan

Sierra: *nods*

i brought Sierra in and into my room and layed in my bed

Sierra: have you been crying

Sam: yea a little

I knew i couldn't lie to her i just couldn't. With Jade it was easy but not with Sierra

Sierra: why 

Sam: i was talking to Jordan, and i told him i was scared 

Sierra: scared of what

Sam: losing you 

Sierra: you are not going to lose me. 

Sam: *looks down*

I felt her hand cup my chin and pull my face to look at hers

Sierra: Samuel Charles Craske, i am in love with you. No one is going to break us up and separate us. You are mine i will never leave you unless you cheat, then i gotta fuck you up *chuckles* 

Sam: *smirks*

Sierra: no ex of yours or mine is coming in between us. Sorry buddy but you know what you signed up for when you asked me to be your girlfriend

Sam: *smiles* i love you too 

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