Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


23. Chapter 23

* later that night* 

Sierra pov: the boys were having a party to celebrate the performance. When Sam and i arrived we saw the boys and many other people, when a girl around my height came up to us with three other girls. I already knew it was Jade Sam's ex and her friends from Little Mix. 

Jade: omg Sammy *hugs Sam* 

Sam: *akwardly* hey Jade *pulls away* what are you doing here i thought you guys were on tour

Jade: we were we finished, and now we're back. Jordan invited us to the party and i thought why not catch up right

Sam: um yea *akwardly smiles*

i saw Jade grill me down

Jade: who's this 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* this is my girlfriend Sierra, babe this is Jade and the girls

Sierra: yea i know 

Jade: you didn't tell me you got a girlfriend, i thought we would get back together like you said 

Sierra: *looks at Sam* you said that

Sam: Jade that was a long time ago, i'm with Sierra now i'm sorry 

Jade: but you said..

Sierra: listen it doesn't matter what he said, he's with me now so sorry 

next thing i knew punches, hair pulling and many people screaming and running around started happening. I was then pulled out by Jordan

Jordan: Sierra relax 

Sierra: i fucking hate Sam 

Jordan: Sierra you don't mean that you love him 

Sierra: Jord Jade said that Sam told her that they were gonna get back together 

Jordan: relax, he loves you not her, he told her that a long time ago before he met you

Sierra: where is he 

Jordan: when Jade went to hit you he jumped in front of you and pushed her back, then he just started flipping on people yelling how no one is gonna lay a hand on you. I guess you somehow found your way to Jade and the girls. By the way i'm kinda upset at you 

Sierra: i know i ruined your guys party 

Jordan: not that 

Sierra: then what 

Jordan: you hit Jesy 

Sierra: Jordan i'm sorry she hit me too 

Jordan: i know and i'm gonna talk to her about that, but right now you need to talk to Sam

Sierra: i know 

Jordan went and called Terry and Ike to stay with me while he went to get Sam, while he was doing that i saw Jade and the girls walk out with security 

Terry: Sierra don't 

i pushed my way through Terry and Ike and went for Jade again, i got a hit in but was pulled off by their security and back to Terry and Ike. When Jordan came out with Sam and saw the comotion. 

Jordan: Sierra stop, Sam get your girl 

I saw Sam come to me and talk to me 

Sam: relax *grabs her waist* 

Sierra: *sighs* 

Sam: i got you me 

Sierra: *looks at Sam*

Sam: lets go home 

i get in the car with Sam and he takes us back to his house. I get out and go to his room and change to some sweatpants and a shirt when Sam comes up and looks at me

Sam: baby 

Sierra: *gets up and hugs Sam* i trust you 

Sam: you do 

Sierra: after what you did today, you protected me *looks at Sam*

Sam: i'll protect you till the day i die, you're my girlfriend no guy or girl is gonna lay a hand on you

Sierra: i love you 

Sam: i love you too *kisses Sierra*

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