Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


21. Chapter 21

* later that day* 

Sierra pov: after Sam and i ate we hung out a bit 

Sam: *sighs and lays down on Sierra* babe 

Sierra: *rubs her fingers through his hair* yes

Sam: i love you 

Sierra: i love you too

Sam: just imagine if we never met 

Sierra: i know i don't what i be doing with myself

Sam: you think that if we met but didn't date we be friends

Sierra: yea 

Sam: i be the friend that has a crush on you *chuckles* 

Sierra: really 

Sam: yea 

Sierra: you know what freaks me out 

Sam: what

Sierra: you and Mitch

Sam: *looks at Sierra* what about me and Mitch 

Sierra: i don't believe you guys are brothers like you don't look alike 

Sam: *chuckles* not all siblings look alike

Sierra: me and my sister do

Sam: ok but some siblings don't

Sierra: i wanna know something who's the biggest mama's boy, you or Mitch

Sam: mmm i think me 

Sierra: really

Sam: yea, i mean i go to her house like everyday, i spend time with her and everything 

Sierra: who's the oldest 

Sam: i am, then there's Mitch and then Ellie 

Sierra: you're so old

Sam: gee thanks babe, i'm not old i'm 23 

Sierra: i don't think i should be dating such an old man...its gross *smirks* 

Sam: *smirks* ahh babe you make me so happy 

Sierra: i know 

Sam: i can't believe we been dating for 5 months 

Sierra: babe we should do something

Sam: what do you wanna do 

Sierra: i don't know

Sam: wanna go to dinner tonight and celebrate

Sierra: sure but where

Sam: how about the new restaurant that just opened up near the studio 

Sierra: Sam that place is expensive 

Sam: Jordan took Jesy there babe its not that expensive and plus i want to take the most perfect girl to the most perfect place 

Sierra: *laughs* you're so corny 

Sam: hey i'm trying *chuckles* so what do you say, would you go on a date with me tonight 

Sierra: sure but only if we go to Nandos 

Sam: why Nandos 

Sierra: i've never been 

Sam: oh no yea we're going to Nandos *laughs* 

Sierra: *laughs and kisses Sam*

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