Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


20. Chapter 20

* at Sierra's house* 

Sierra pov: Sam decided to stay over my house we were sitting on the couch talking . 

Sierra: *playing with Sam's fingers* so are you gonna tell me what happened

Sam: *sighs* i don't know why you already know everything

Sierra: not really 

Sam: ok lets make a compromise if i tell you my past will you tell me who told you 

Sierra: *nods* 

Sam: ok *sighs* when i was about 16 i grew up during the time where there were street crimes and gangs. I thought it was cool to hang out in the streets. I used to sneak out the house and hang out with people who were not my friends, they did illegals things. And my dumb self did them too. 

Sierra: *lays on his chest* what did you do 

Sam: i did graffiti, stole things, and broke into things. With that i was arrested and taken to jail. I was in jail for two months until i was set free. After that i found Diversity and since then i've been doing good. 

Sierra: nobody went to get you 

Sam: no my mom and dad thought i should learn a lesson and stay in jail. *kisses Sierra's head* 

Sierra: thats why you got angry with me when i got arrested 

Sam: yea i don't want you doing the stuff i did, and i just want you to do better than i did when i was 16, when i heard you got arrested i got angry and it just brought back so many memories and i just took it out on you 

Sierra: well i won't do anything like that again 

Sam: you better not *smirks* now i wanna know who told you about my past

Sierra: your mom 

Sam: of course *sighs* 

Sierra: i did it because i love you *sits on his lap* 

Sam: i know sweetheart i'm not mad at you for that *smiles* you know you're the only girl i told about my past 

Sierra: really 

Sam: yea 

Sierra: well i'm honored to know about your past *smiles* 

Sam: you better be because i'm not telling you anymore *smirks and gently puts Sierra on the couch* 

Sierra: wait there's more *excitedly* 

Sam: *laughs* no thats basically it * walks to the kitchen* 

Sierra: *follows* can you tell me about you exes 

Sam: *turns around to face her* why do you wanna know about that 

Sierra: i told you about my exes its only fair, and just incase i run into any of them 

Sam: *chuckles* well one of my exes moved away a couple years ago, and she got married, um then there's um Jade she travels so we don't get to see each other a lot

Sierra: woah woah wait you still see your ex 

Sam: i mean yea we're just friends *smirks at Sierra's jealousy* 

Sierra: so like when she comes you guys hang out 

Sam: sometimes * smirks* 

Sierra: why 

Sam: babe we're just friends, we broke up like two years ago, we ended on good terms so we're just friends, friends hang out 

Sierra: yea but not friends who dated 

Sam: relax babe i love you not her 

Sierra: still *softly* 

Sam: well you don't have to worry about her because she's on tour anyways *drinks water* 

Sierra: wait you're talking about Jade from Little Mix

Sam: *nods* 

Sierra: wow

Sam: you know her

Sierra: yea, i met her before 

Sam: what when 

Sierra: *laughs* i just realized i met her when you two were dating t

Sam: wow

Sierra: she's a nice girl 

Sam: yea but i'm with you so i don't care anymore 

Sierra: *smiles* can you make me some food please

Sam: why do i always make you food *chuckles* you should be making me food 

Sierra: because you make good food, and what do i look like making you food

Sam: *starts making food* my loving and amazing girlfriend 

Sierra: not good enough

Sam: *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: *laughs* 




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