Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


2. Chapter 2


Sierra pov: i walked downstairs and saw Kim in the kitchen.

Sierra: hey babes *kisses her cheek*

Kim: hey, so how you liking Essex

Sierra: its so much fun, i finally have freedom to do what i want.

Kim: i know, hey did Jordan tell you about his housewarming party

Sierra: yea you going

Kim: yea, you get to finally meet Sam *winks*

I already met all the boys except Sam, Kim thinks that Sam and i would be a cute couple.

Sierra: oh my gosh Kim *laughs*

Kim: haha he's really nice

Sierra: i don't know that

Kim: trust me he is, i'm dating his brother i'm around Sam almost everyday, he's such a gentleman, and he's sweet, caring, and funny

Sierra: mmhmm *drinks water*

Kim: plus a little bonus for you, he has a smoking hot body

Sierra: *chokes on water* oooo Where's Mitch... MITCH

Kim: shut up, he's at rehearsals

Sierra: you got lucky

Kim: so are you gonna go

Sierra: yea i'll go

Kim: you're gonna like him

Sierra: hopefully

Kim and i talked a bit more when Mitch walked in

Mitch: yo yo

Sierra: *scoffs playfully* Mitch so disrespectful knock next time

Mitch: *laughs* sorry

Mitch and i do our secret handshake

Kim: how come we can't have a handshake

Mitch: you're not cool enough..come on we gotta get home

Kim: *rolls her eyes* i hate you

Mitch: mutual babe mutual *jokingly*

Kim: bye babes *hugs Sierra and leaves*

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