Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


17. Chapter 17

* 2 months later* 

Sierra pov: today was finally the day Sam comes home, Kim and i were at the airport waiting for the boys to arrive.

Kim: are you gonna cry *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: i might

Kim: *chuckles* 

We were talking when i heard the boys plane land. We stood up and saw the boys get off the plane

Kim: where are you going

Sierra: to see my boyfriend *runs to Sam* 

I run through the crowd until i fall into the arms of my amazing boyfriend, i couldn't control the emotions and tears were falling down my cheeks

Sam: oh baby i missed you so much *hugs Sierra tighter* 

Sierra: *crying* i missed you too 

Sam: *pulls away and wipes Sierra's tears* don't cry love 

Sierra: i can't help it *smiles* 

Sam: *smiles and kisses Sierra* i love you so much

Sierra: i love you more

Sam: *smirks* not possible, come on lets go home 

After our reunion Sam and i went back to his house. 

Sam: babe 

Sierra: *sits on the couch next to Sam* yea

Sam: you know we still got to talk about what happened 

Sierra: *sighs* 

Sam: you know you can't be doing that right

Sierra: yes 

Sam: and you won't do it again right

Sierra: yes 

Sam: ok good 

We were talking when Mitch walked in 

Mitch: hey there's my future sister in law *hugs Sierra* 

Sierra: hey 

Mitch: i cannot believe you guys have been dating for 5 months now 

Sam: i know seems like just yesterday i was talking to her in Jordan's party

Sierra: what would you have done if i didn't go 

Mitch: probably bang some chick at the party 

Sierra: what 

Sam: he's joking *chuckles* 

Sierra: mmm 

Mitch: so i heard you got arrested, stealing candy from kids again Sierra

Sierra: i punched a girl in the face

Mitch: bad ass, you're gonna fit right in with the Craske family 

Sierra: you never done anything bad or illegal

Mitch: no but Sam has 

Sam: DUDE!! *yells at Mitch* 

Sierra: what do you mean

Mitch: *looks at Sam* you haven't told her

Sierra: tell me what

Sam: i was waiting for the right time *looks at Sierra* babe its not what you think 

Sierra: Mitch what did he do

Mitch: i suggest you hear it from him 

Sierra: *looks at Sam* 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* it was a long time ago, i don't wanna talk about the past *gets up and walks to the kitchen* 

Sierra: *gets up to but Mitch stops her* 

Mitch: listen don't go crazy on him about this, its a soft spot for him, talk to him don't yell or anything 

Sierra: ok thanks Mitch

After Mitch leaves i walk into the kitchen where Sam was drinking a bottle of water 

Sierra: babe 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: why can't you tell me

Sam: because there's just some things you don't need to know about

Sierra: Sam i'm your girlfriend, i need to know whats bugging you and how i can help you

Sam: *smirks* you can't help me with this

Sierra: i won't know until you tell me

Sam: Sierra i'm not gonna tell you so let it go

Sierra: what do you mean let it go, i'm not gonna let anything go until you tell me

Sam: *sighs and walks upstairs* 

After seeing Sam walk out the conversation, i decided to take matters into my hands and find out what Sam was hiding from me.

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