Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


15. Chapter 15

* 3 weeks later* 

Sierra pov: today was the day Sam would be leaving on tour, i was at the studio with him and the boys to say goodbye. 

Sam: i wanna give you something 

Sierra: what is it

Sam: *pulls out a key*  its a copy of my house key, so whenever you want to stay over my house and look after it *smiles*

Sierra: *chuckles* thanks babe 

Sam: i'm gonna miss you so much *hugs Sierra*

Sierra: i'm gonna miss you too

Sam: be good please

Sierra: i'll try *smiles*

Sam: i'll call you when i get there *kisses Sierra*

Sierra: i love you 

Sam: i love you too *kisses and hugs Sierra then leaves*


I drove back to Sam's house and sat in his living room, and watched tv after a couple hours Kim came by 

Kim: hey you ok

Sierra: yea i just miss him 

Kim: i know but he'll come back 

Sierra: yea 

Kim: come on lets do something tonight 

Sierra: like what 

Kim: lets hang out we'll invite Star and Ellie have a sleepover 

Sierra: ok 

Kim: come on 

We got up and called Ellie and Star over, When they arrived we ordered some food and hung out.

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