Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


14. Chapter 14

* 2 weeks later*

Sierra pov: Its been 2 weeks and Sam and the boys were preparing for their Digitized tour. It was gonna be hard because Sam and i started dating a couple weeks ago and now it would be my first time letting him go. 

I was in Sam's house when he came in

Sam: hey 

Sierra: hi 

Sam: we need to talk 

Sierra: ok 

Sam: you know i'm leaving right

Sierra: yea 

Sam: i don't want to leave you here by yourself

Sierra: i'm gonna be ok

Sam: *sighs* this is why the boys give me all this crap

Sierra: what do you mean

Sam: they think it was to soon for us to start dating because i would be leaving soon. They said that it was gonna be hard on the both of us to leave each other

Sierra: Sam i'm gonna be ok, yea its gonna be hard but i'll visit you as much as i can, we'll call, text, facetime, what ever it takes i don't care 

Sam: the boys said we need a break

Sierra: a break, no a break to me is a break up, so if you wanna break up with me Sam, do it now so i don't waste my time here talking to you *angrily*

Sam: *stands up and grabs her waist* woah relax, i'm not breaking up with you, i would be freaking stupid if i ever let you go. Sierra you mean the world to me, i know we've only been dating a couple weeks but i'm starting to actually fall in love with you. I would never in a million years break up with you. I don't want a break from you. I need you with me to keep me going to keep me breathing. 

Sierra: *kisses Sam* i love you too *smiles* 

Sam: *smiles and kisses Sierra again* wanna help me pack 

Sierra: see when you say help me, it really means me doing all the packing

Sam: *chuckles* i'll help you this time 

Sierra: ok come on *takes Sam to his room* 

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