Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


13. Chapter 13

* 4 hours later*

Sierra pov: its been 4 hours since Sam came home from his performance, i was downstairs in the kitchen, when Kim and Mitch came in

Sierra: hey guys 

Mitch: hey..where's Sam 

Sierra: he's sleeping 

Kim: still 

Sierra: *chuckles* yea 

Mitch: go wake him up 

Sierra: no 

Kim: why 

Sierra: because he's tired

Mitch: i'm tired too but you don't see me sleeping 

Sierra: ugh fine i'll be back 

I walk upstairs to Sam's room and see him in his bed fast asleep, i walk towards the bed and lean down

Sierra: Sam *pokes his cheek* 

Sam: *still sleeping* 

i knew me being gentle with Sam was not going to work so i decided to kiss him all over his face and neck to wake him up and it worked

Sam: *laughs and opens his eyes* babe what are you doing

Sierra: wake up *smiles* 

Sam: i'm up, you have my attention *smirks* 

Sierra: Mitch and Kim told me to wake you up 

Sam: *stops smiling* why 

Sierra: woah no no keep smiling *tries to get Sam to smile*

Sam: babe they know i don't like being woken up *gets off the bed* 

Sierra: Sam *grabs his hand and turns him to face her* i woke you up 

Sam: thats different *gets dress* 

Sierra: *chuckles* 

I follow Sam downstairs into the kitchen where Kim and Mitch were 

Mitch: well hello sleeping beauty *smirks* 

Sam: fuck off *cranky* 

Sierra: Sam *shocked* 

Mitch: Sierra relax, he always gets cranky when he's woken up, i'm used to it *laughs* 

Sam: *rolls his eyes* 

Sierra: want something to eat *stands in front of Sam* 

Sam: *smiles* no thanks babe 

Sierra: you haven't eaten anything all day

Sam: i'm not hungry, plus i did eat before i came home 

Sierra: ok 

Sam: *pulls Sierra into him and kisses her* 

Mitch: so i never got the whole thing between you too 

Sam: what do you mean

Mitch: what are you two

Sam: we're dating thats all you need to know 

Mitch: dating mean together or just you know *winks at Sam*

Sam: *smirks* 

Sierra: Mitch *shocked* 

Mitch: what i just wanna know 

Sam: we're dating as in we're together 

Kim: Sierra don't forget that tomorrow we have to go to that place

Sam: what place *looks at Sierra*

Sierra: Kim and i are getting cars 

Sam: babe you don't need a car i'll drive you wherever you want 

Sierra: i know Sam but you're getting pretty busy lately and i need a car in case i have to drive somehwere

After talking Kim and Mitch left. So me and Sam decided to order some food. 

Sierra: alright babe i'm going home 

Sam: nooo baby stay with me 

Sierra: Sam i have no clothes 

Sam: you can use mine please don't leave me all lonely 

Sierra: *chuckles* ok

Sam: *smiles and kisses Sierra*

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