Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


11. Chapter 11

* Next day* 

Sierra pov: Today Sam was taking me to rehearsals, Kim was going to be there so i wouldn't be alone. When we arrived we got out the car and walked in to the studio.

Sam: Hey boys *walks in holding Sierra's hand* 

Ash: hey Sam, hi Sierra *hugs Sierra* 

After saying hi to the boys i sat next to Kim and we started talking while the boys rehearsed.

Kim: so babes hows it going with Sam *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: its going really good *smiles and looks at Sam* 

Kim: i can see that you're really happy with him 

Sierra: i am, but he's been telling me how the boys been giving him some crap about our relationship

Kim: what do you mean

Sierra: he told me yesterday that they think we're moving to fast because we met like a couple weeks ago and now we're dating.

Kim: who cares what they think, if you guys are happy then thats what matters 

Sierra: exactly 

Kim and i continued to talk when the boys finished, i looked at the time it was 11 pm.

Sam: hey babe you ready to go 

Sierra: you guys done

Sam: yea we just finished, we have a thing tomorrow in the morning so i have to be back here at 4 am 

Sierra: oh ok 

Sam: yea so i need you to stay in my house tonight to watch over Jax 

Sierra: ok *smiles*

Sam: ok come on 

Sam and i leave and head back to his place. 

Sam: ughh i am so not a morning person at all *sits down on his bed* 

Sierra: what will you guys be doing tomorrow *packs Sam's bag* 

Sam: we're gonna be performing on top of the O2 arena 

Sierra: What..Sam *scared* 

Sam: babe don't worry it'll be safe

Sierra: i don't care like what if you do a flip and flip off the O2 

Sam: i won't though 

Sierra: promise you'll be safe

Sam: yes *chuckles* 

Sierra: i need you back here in one piece *smiles* 

When i looked at the time it was almost 4 am, Sam and i hung out and i packed his bag for the night since he will be sleeping in the studio. 

Sam: alright babe i'll see you later *hugs Sierra* 

Sierra: ok good luck and be careful

Sam: i will *kisses Sierra and leaves* 

After Sam left i hopped into his bed and fell asleep.



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