Becoming Sam Craske girlfriend

This is the story before the Sam Craske Love story. This is the story about Sierra when she was 16 meeting Sam for the first time. Hope you like it:)


10. Chapter 10

 * couple weeks later*

  Sierra pov: its been a couple weeks and me and Sam have started a relationship between us and i'm extremely happy, he invited me over because he says he got a surprise for me. I walked in and found the house empty.

  Sierra: Sam

  Sam: in here

  I walk into the living room and see Sam sitting on the couch with a little puppy in his hands.

  Sierra: *gasp*

  Sam: *gets up and walks to Sierra* hey babe

  Sierra: whos this

  Sam: Sierra say hello to Jax

  Sierra: he's so cute *pets the puppy*

  Sam: yea I know...he's my friend's dog, he asked me to watch over him while he went away on a trip and I wanted you to help me

  Sierra: I would love to *smiles*

  Sam: *kisses Sierra*

  Sam and I played with Jax for a bit, when we decided to order some pizza and play some games.

  Sam: I hate playing you in these games

  Sierra: why because I always win

  Sam: yea, babe like let me I win at least one time

  Sierra: i'll try but no promises

  Sam: babe do you think we're moving fast? *looks at Sierra*

  Sierra: what do you mean

  Sam: the boys are giving me crap because they think we're moving fast because we just met like a couple weeks ago and now we're dating

  Sierra: no babe we both like each other so what does it matter

  Sam: I know, can you come with me tomorrow to rehearsals

  Sierra: yea why not, why you gonna teach me how to dance

  Sam: no

  Sierra: why not

  Sam: I don't like dancing in front of people

  Sierra: Sam that makes no sense, you go on tour and dance in front of people whats the difference of dancing in front of me

  Sam: I don't know I just don't

  Sierra: *laughs*

  Sam: why you wanna learn some flips

  Sierra: I already know how to do all that

  Sam: how

  Sierra: I took gymnastics when I was younger

  Sam: liar

  Sierra: i'm serious

  Sam: prove it

  Sierra: ok *stands up and creates a space and does a backflip*

  Sam: wow

  Sierra: told you *sits down*

  Sam: what else can you do

  Sierra: *does a split on the floor*

  Sam: woah *smirks*

  Sierra: stop *laughs*  

  Sam: *laughs and kisses ​Sierra*



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