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1. stranger in Texas

One night I went out to go to check my mail it was on a Friday night a man with a dark jacket on passed by me and knocked the mail out of my hand I was scared I stared at the man as he run away and laugh with a creapy laugh but my friend she said he was handsome so I said to her by walking away I hope u would never ever fall in love with that crazy man and I said well I just might will and I got down on my knees saying god please help my wonderful friend not fall in love with a crazy man while I was on the she was looking at me like is she serious am I in a dream because if I am Please wake me up this instance at first I thought I was in my 5 seconds of summer but I wasent my friend is really seriously crazy but I thought back when I tripped over a rock and busted my lip and she laughed her heart out and looking at her like are you kidding me I should slap you in your face right but at that moment I did so much how wanted to slap her so hard if I did I would of left a big red mark on her face!!!! But she would never forgive me like I said she would never ever forgive me

The next day I went to bed I had a scary dream about the same thing that happened to me before today that day I was really creeped out like seriously I had to go to the bathroom and feel my face and see if it was really real I got out of my bed and ate me some breakfast waiting for my friend to come over I had to go to school but I was still day dreaming about the other night that was my 5 seconds of summer

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