Turning The Page

Legend has it that long ago, the most infamous villains were imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, cut off from the rest of the world as a punishment for their misdeeds. In this dark and dreary place, the likes of Maleficent, Medusa, Jafar, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen reside and evil reigns supreme. Mal, Adeline, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are their descendants, the teenaged sons and daughters of the Isle’s most villainous characters, and they are coming of age on the Isle of the Lost. What would their choices lead up to? Would love be a spell to attract Adeline of her purpose on Auradon? Would the Descendants choose such a life?


7. Missions Gone Wrong

Mal opened the door to Jay and Carlos shared room. Adeline and Evie right behind her. Carlos was interested in some video game to even notice the girls presence.

        Adeline walked over to Jay where he was unloading his pockets full of nonsense. "Jay, what are you doing?" She asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Well, Adeline, it's called stealing. Like like buying what I want, but it's free." Jay smirked at Adeline before pulling out out a laptop. Mal laughed.

"Okay, so you could do that, or you can leave all of this here and pick it up when we take over the world!" She snorted.

        "You sound just like you mom." Evie said. 

        "Thank you!" Mal put her hand on her chest. Laughing some more.

        "You do it your way, and I'll do mine." Jay said. Smiling at them.

        "Die, suckers!" Carlos yelled, "Jay, come check this thing out. Man, it's awesome!"

        "Guys! Do I have to remind you what we're all here for?" Mal yelled, irritation clearly in her voice.

        Jay looked at her over his shoulder, "Fairy Godmother, blah, blah, blah,, Magic Wand, blah, blah, blah!" They laughed, except Mal.

 Mal sighed, "This is our one chance to prove ourselves to our parents!"

        Everyone stared at her now, paying attention, "To prove that we are evil, and vicious, and ruthless, and cruel! Yeah?"

        "Yeah." They chorused. 

        "Evie, mirror me." Mal demanded.

        Evie reached into her blue boxed purse and pulled out the magic mirror. They sat down around the table, looking over Mal's shoulder to get a better look.

Evie stammered but succeded "Mirror, mirror on the...in my hand. Where is the Fairy Godmother's wand...stand?"

        The mirror did its magic and soon enough the wand was in view "There it is!" 

        "Zoom out." Carlos said.

        "Magic mirror, not so close." Evie said. "No, closer, closer.... closer..."

        "Can I go back to my game? I'm on level three." Carlos walked back to leave. Jay suddenly shouted, "Stop!"

        "It's in a museum!" Adeline said, staring into the mirror. "Do we know where that is?"

        Carlos typed on the computer, "2.3 miles from here." He showed them the laptop screen. Adeline laughed, thinking it was too easy. Mal got up and peered down the halls of the corridor. Making sure it was clear.

        "All clear!" She said. They ran down before halfway, Adeline noticed Carlos wasn't there, "Carlos!" She shouted.

        "Coming!" Carlos said. Following behind the others. They raced up the steps and around the outer perimeter of the Auradon Cultural History Museum.

        "Check you mirror," Mal ordered Evie. Evie frowned. "What? My mascara smudged?"

        "Yeah," Adeline said sarcastically, "And while you're at it, why don't you try and find us the wand?"

        "Yeah, this way." Evie led them farther around the building, to a back entrance. They ran up the steps and peered in the doorway windows. Inside, just past an old spinning wheel, sat a security guard in a chair, studying a security camera trained on different artifacts: King Triton's Trident, the Enchanted Rose in it's Bell Jar, the Magic Lamp, and many more.

        The security guard's chair squeaked as he turned towards the window. The five ducked out to not get caught. When Adeline looked again, he turned away from the window.

        Mal looked down and saw the sign that read 'Maleficent's Spinning Wheel."

        "That's - your mothers spinning wheel?" Jay said. 

"Yeah, kinda dorky." Carlos chimed in. The two began to laugh.

        "It's magic, it doesn't have to look scary." Mal said, she pulled out her spellbook and flipped through the pages before reading out loud, "Magic spindle, do not linger, make my victim hurt a finger."

        The security guard turned towards the spinning wheel but nothing else.

        "Awesome." Adeline said sarcastically.

        "Impressive." Jay said, shacking his head.

        "I got chills." Carlos said. Faking a shiver. Carlos and Jay laughed.

         "Okay, you know what?" Mal threatened, "prick the finger, prick it deep, send my enemy off to sleep."

         The security guard rose from his chair, Adeline and Evie stifled a gasp. The guard walked around the spinning wheel, observing it, then reach out to touch the needle.

        He pricked his finger.

        The five watched as the guard stretched and yawned, then laid down on the dais next to the spinning wheel and fell asleep.

        Mal grinned and reached for the handle, only to find the door jabbed.

         "Stand. Back." Jay said, smiling and backing away.

        "Make it easy, make it quick, open up without a kick." Mal said quickly. She opened the door qiuckly with ease. Jay came charging through and landed on his rear. Mal kicked him.

        The girls laughed and walked past him. Carlos tried to help Jay up, but Jay just shoved him away.

        They ran down a hall, "Come on guys, almost there!" Evie reassured. 

        They stopped in shock at Maleficent staring at them expectantly. Surrounded by statues of the most infamous Villians of all.

        Maleficent. Medusa. Cruella De Vil. Jafar. Evil Queen. All had statues.

        "Mommy?" Evie whispered in fright, looking up at the statue of the Evil Queen.

        Jay stared at the statue of Jafar, "Killer," Jay mumbled.

        Carlos was white in the face as he looked at the statue of Cruella, "I'll never forget mother's day again," He said.

        Adeline looked up at the statue of her beloved mother, Medusa. "Every detail correctly sculpted." She murmured.

        "Well, the wands not here." Jay said. "Let's bounce."

He and the others ran out of the gallery, but Mal stayed in front of the statue of Maleficent until Eviw came back. "Mal, c'mon. We've gotta find the wand." She said. Mal slowly turned around and ran out.

        "There it is!" Evie exclaimed. They ran down a staircase, down to the floor level, where the wand was.

        "There it is!" Mal squealed

        "This is it! We found it!" Adeline said.

        Jay ducked under the railing. "Jay, don't!" Mal ordered, he just smiled at her. Thats when he ducked under the railing.

        "Wait, no! No! Don't - Jay!" Mal said as he reached out. The second his fingers touched the force field, he was flipped over the railing and onto the floor. A siren began to rang.

        "Ow!" They screeched over the siren, covering their ears.

        "A force field and a siren?" Carlos said surprised.

        "Just a little excessive." Adeline said, "Let's go!"

Jay got up and they all rushed out of the gallery. As they were passing by to get to the front entrance, the phone rung at the security guy's desk.

Carlos answered, "Uh, hello? Huh? Oh, yeah, just gimme one second." He typed in a code to make the alarm stopped. "Done. You're welcome. Oh? Oh, yeah, False alarm." he said.

        "It was a malfunction in the uh, 1417 bread chip in the micro circuit. Uh-huh. Yeah. Say hi to the missus for me. Bye."Carlos hung up. Shacking his head a bit.

         "Carlos!" Evie whisper-shouted.

        "You're welcome." Carlos said cockily. Running out before the security guard enters back in the room.


        Finally outside, Adeline breathed out, "Way to go, Jay. Now we have to go to school tomorrow!"

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