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Legend has it that long ago, the most infamous villains were imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, cut off from the rest of the world as a punishment for their misdeeds. In this dark and dreary place, the likes of Maleficent, Medusa, Jafar, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen reside and evil reigns supreme. Mal, Adeline, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are their descendants, the teenaged sons and daughters of the Isle’s most villainous characters, and they are coming of age on the Isle of the Lost. What would their choices lead up to? Would love be a spell to attract Adeline of her purpose on Auradon? Would the Descendants choose such a life?


5. Auradon's Thoughtful Welcoming

A/N: I have a special treat for you all. Read to find out. 

The school seemed more like a castle then a school, with a fountain out front. Gathered in front of the fountain down a small pathway, was a marching band playing a merry tune.
        The limo stopped in beside them, and the driver opened the door.
        Jay and Carlos tumbled out, fighting over a pair of pants. Mal, Adeline, and Evie, snickering, left the car.
        "You got everything else! Why do you want whatever-this-is?" Carlos asked, in the ground and tugging the pants which Jay tugged at the other end.
        "Because you want it!" Jay shouted, trying to tug-of-war it out of Carlos's hands. Carlos wouldn't give up. The crowd surrounding us from a distance stared at them like they were crazy.
        "Boys, we have an audience." Adeline whispered as the marching band stopped playing. They parted and a woman stepped forward, arms stretched out.
        Jay looked up. "Just...cleaning up!" He said. Giving a nervous smile.
        "Leave it like you found it!" the woman said. "And by that, I mean just leave it."
        Jay put everything back from what he'd stolen from the limo. As he looked back at the woman, he caught sight of a pretty girl standing behide her. He stooped and stepped closer to the girl.

"Hello Foxy." Jay said flirtatiously, stepping around. "The name's...Jay." The girl giggled and trailed awkardly at the end.

        "Welcome to Auradon Prep!" She said, stepping between them. "I am The Fairy Godmother, Headmistress of the school." She introduced.
        "The Fairy Godmother?" Adeline asked, raising her eyebrows.
        "As in, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo?" Mal said, pretending to wave a wand around Inca circle.
        "Bibbidi-bobbidi, you know it." The Fairy Godmother said, laughing at her own joke.
        "Yeah, I always wondered what it felt like for Cinderella, when you just, appeared, out of nowhere. With that sparkly wand and warm smile... And that sparkly wand." Adeline said. If anyone knew what they were doing, they would say Adeline was making it obvious of what they were doing.
        "That was long time ago, and as they say, 'don't focus on the past or you'll miss the future.'" Fairy Godmother said. Making hand gestures of something popping in front her face.
        A boy stepped forward nervously but good enough to speak on his own. "It's so good to finally meet you all." He said, looking down at the line the descendants created. He stopped when he saw Adeline. "I-I'm Ben." He seemed to speak mainly to Adeline. For Adeline's surprise, she found him cute. Although she gave him a stern look.
        "Prince Benjamin!" The girl Jay flirted with earlier interrupted. "Soon-to-be-king!" She smiled widely. One of those wide ones that are noticible that are fake. She looked down the line and glared at Adeline before moving her gaze else where.
        "You had me at 'prince'." Evie stepped forward, smiling. Oh boy, Prince is her number one word at this moment. "My mother's a queen, which makes me a princess." She bowed moving gently.
        The other girl scowled At Evie. "The Evil Queen has no royal status here, and neither do you." She said in a sweet voice. Although the words weren't very nice.

Adeline grabbed Evie's shoulders, "Don't worry, She's just jealous that you are way-way prettier then her. Also, you are a princess, nothings going to change that. Not even her." Adeline whispered in her ear. Only for her to hear. Evie looked at her, nodding in reassurance.

        "This...is Audrey." Ben started. "Princess Audrey, his girlfriend. Right, Bennyboo?" She cut him off, grabbing his hand possessively. 
        "Audrey and Ben will show you around." The Fairy Godmother said. "And I'll see you tomorrow. The doors of wisdom are never shut!" She pulled Audrey and Ben's hands apart, stepping beside both of them. "But the library hours are from 8:00 to 11:00. As you may have heard, we have a little thing about curfews."
        "Great. First Auradon prep. Then Audrey. Now curfews with prissy royals living among us. This lifestyle sucks." Muttered Adeline to Jay. He nodded at her remark. 
        Fairy Godmother led the marching band away. They followed in a single file.
     They stood there awkwardly. Ben and Audrey stared at the five villain kids and they stared right back. Five against two. Adeline felt uncomfortable shifting around.
        "It's so good to finally meet you all." Ben said. Approaching to shake Jay's hand but Jay punched him in the chest then smiled crossing his arms over his own chest.
        Ben shook Mal's hand, "This is a momentous occasion. And one that I hope will go down in history," he moved down the line, shaking hands, before getting to Adeline. "As the great day our two peoples began to heal." He shook Adeline's hand gently. The first thing he noticed were her 'Golden Eyes'. Her lips were a bright cherry-red color, they looked kiss-able.  She was very beautiful from his piont of view.

Without even a warning, he stared at her eyes, gripping her hand, and caught by  surprise, she did too. Carlos cleared his throat loudly. Stepping closer to Adeline's side. This totally went unnoticed. Even by Adeline herself. Jay was next to Evie, nudging her arm to look at the situation. From the looks of it, Mal, Evie, and Jay, were enjoying the wonderful view. Ben let go of Adeline's hand, but Carlos wouldn't dare step-a-side away from her. He was surprised on his own actions himself. But he was acting on instinct.

        "Sorry...but your eyes are soo captivating and mesmerizing." Ben said. Carlos growled quietly. No one heard but he quickly put a hand over his mouth just so he could not be heard. What's going on with me, he thought.
        "Today could be the day that you showed five people where the bathrooms are." Mal said. Ben laughed. Turning his attention to Mal. Carlos stood in his place. Guarding Adeline like he was an actual dog. Let's just say, Adeline didn't like the attention she was getting. The comments are heart warming and stuff, but the attention is a bit too much for her. 

        "A little bit over the top?"

        "More than a little." Mal said.
        "Hey! you're Maleficent's daughter, aren't you? Yeah, you know what? I totally do not blame you for your mother trying to kill my parents and stuff." Audrey said. "Oh my mom's Aurora. Sleeping-"
        "Beauty?" Mal interrupted, "Yeah, I've heard the name. You know, and I totally do not blame your grandparents for inviting everyone in the whole world but my mother to her stupid christening."
        "Water under the bridge?" Audrey corrected
        "Totes!" Mal said. They both shared fake laughs that ended awkwardly glaring daggers at eachother.
        "Okay!" Ben clapped his hands. "So how bout a tour? Yeah? Auradon Prep, originally built over 300 years ago and converted into a high school by my father, when he became king."
        They stopped in front of a statue of King Beast. Ben clapped his hands twice and the statue transformed the King in his beast form.
        Carlos screamed and leapt into Jay's arms. Ben laughed
       "Carlos, it's okay. My father wanted his statue to morph from beast to man to remind us that anything is possible." Jay stood there, awkwardly holding Carlos.

        "Does he shed much?" Adeline asked out of the blue.
        "Yeah, Mom won't let him on the couch." Ben said with a serious expression on his face. By now, Carlos was now on his feet again. Feeling another jealousy moment kicking its way out. Adeline looked at Ben and her golden eyes met his hazel-green ones. Ben smiled and Adeline nodded.
        "The rest of the tour is this way." Ben said, leading them into the main building.

Today is a perfect day to be surrounded by royal people who deserve to be turned into stone by mother. She would love another statue to add to her collection. Audrey seems like the perfect match for that. Thought Adeline.

A/N: I thought that maybe Jay could be the jealous one in thuis story. But then I thought how cute it would be to put Carlos on the 'Jealousy' moment wirh Adeline. I think it's cute. So I decided that Carlos was the one who got jealous.
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