Turning The Page

Legend has it that long ago, the most infamous villains were imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, cut off from the rest of the world as a punishment for their misdeeds. In this dark and dreary place, the likes of Maleficent, Medusa, Jafar, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen reside and evil reigns supreme. Mal, Adeline, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are their descendants, the teenaged sons and daughters of the Isle’s most villainous characters, and they are coming of age on the Isle of the Lost. What would their choices lead up to? Would love be a spell to attract Adeline of her purpose on Auradon? Would the Descendants choose such a life?


3. Aren't They Loving Parents

"You will go," Maleficent said, sitting down peacefully on her high-back black and green chair, "You will find the Fairy Godmother and you will bring me back her magic wand. Easy-peasy."
        "What's in it for us?" Mal said, as the five Descendants stood in front of her. Glaringat her for a response.
        "Matching thrones," Maleficent said calmly, looking at her nails "hers and hers crowns."
        "I-um, I think she meant us." Carlos gestured to the five descendants, including himself.
        "Its all about you and me, baby. Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer?" Malificent motioned Mal closer, raising her eyebrows.
        "Yeah, who doesn't?" Mal asked. Confusion roared her features.
        "Well, then, get me that wand!" Maleficent ordered. "Get me that wand and we can do all that and more. Because with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bend the powers of both good and evil to my will!" Continued Malificent.
        The Evil Queen put down her mirror, "Our will." Corrected The Evil Queen.
Cruella De Vil pointed towards Malificent.
Jafar looked up.
        "I'm with Queen on this one." Medusa agreed. Fixing her sunglasses that shielded her eyes.
        "Our will, our will," Maleficent corrected carelessly. She snapped her fingers twice to get Mal's attention again. Which she already had but it must be out of force of habit "And if you refuse....you're grounded for the rest our your life, missy." Malificent pointed towards a wide eyed Mal.
        "What, but mom-!" Mal argued, but Maleficent quickly shut her up with a dissmising hand.
        Maleficent leaned down close to the railing and stared at her daughter, almost all over Mal's face. Her eyes turning light and shinning green. A staring contest pursued before Mal looked away not bearing to argue or stare back at her mother, "Fine! Whatever!" Mal mumbled.
        "I win." Maleficent said successfully.
        "Evie!" The Evil Queen cooed. Evie rushed over to her mother. "My princess, my little evil-ette in training," the Queen said as Evie sat down. Evie practically almost jumped out of her seat but learned how to contain herself in seconds, "You just worry about finding yourself a prince with a big castle and a mother-in-law wing...."
        "And lots and lots of mirrors!" Mother and daughter said together in unison. Evie laughed dreamily, "No laughing! Wrinkles!" She warned. Stopping her daughter from her previous daydream.
        "Well, they're not taking my Carlos!" Cruella fought back. "I'd miss him too much!" She purred.
        "Really, Mom?" Carlos asked, a hopeful glint in his eyes.
        "Of course!" Cruella reassured. "Who would fluff my furs, touch up my roots, and scrape the bunions off my feet?" She propped up her leg so that Carlos cpold get a hold of it. Carlos looked disgusted. But then his gaze turned cold. "Yeah, maybe a new school wouldn't be the worst thing of all." He muttered. Cruella rolled her eyes and leaned closer to Carlos ears. "Carlos, they have dogs in Auradon." She warned. Carlos's eyes widened. He yelped and dropped Cruella's leg. 

"Ohh, no, I'm not going!" Announced Carlos.         Medusa walked over to Adeline and cupped her cheeks, "Well they aren't taking my little Eli with them," Medusa looked at Maleficent, "My little Adeline isn't going. She's needed here to help me with my snakes. Plus, who's going to house work around here. I don't see you grabbing a broom." Adeline forcefully pulled her Mothers hands out of her cheeks before taking a seat at the table.
        "Well, Jay isn't going either." Jafar said. "I need him to stock the shelves in my store." He turned to Jay. "Now, what did you score?"
        Jay smiled and emptied all the stolen goods from his pockets, his hat, his gloves. Then he pulled out an old lamp. Jafar dropped the other stolen goods, snatched the lamp away from Jay, and started rubbing it with the hem of his shirt rather excited. Jay shook his head. "Dad...I already tried." The boy mumbled.
        Jafar made a face of disgust and tossed the lamp for Jay to catch it back.
        "WHAT IS  WRONG  WITH YOU ALL?!" Maleficent spat angrily. "People used to cower at the mention of our names!  For TWENTY YEARS!" Maleficent fists pounded on the table, "For twenty years I have searched for a way of this island! For twenty years they have robbed us of our revenge! Revenge on Snow White and her little men."
        "Ouch," The queen muttered.
        "Revenge on Aladdin and his bloated genie!" Maleficent exclaimed.
        Jafar raised his wooden spoon deadly and shouted, "I will-" but was stopped by Jay pushing him back slightly.
        "Revenge on that needy, kelp of brains, Percy Jackson and his walking encyclopedia of a wife, Annabeth Chase!" Maleficent exclaimed to Medusa. Medusa rolled her eyes and sighed. "Instead of my head to be carried around. I'm going to have theirs. I'll make them my special heads in collection !" "Gross, MOM!" Adeline interrupted. But Malificent carried on.         "Revenge on every sneaky Dalmatian that escaped your clutches!" Maleficent pointed at Cruella. Carlos cowered behind his mother. Holding onto her arm for dear life. Cruella smiled crazily, "Oh, but they didn't get Baby. They didn't get the-" she started laughing menacingly as she squeaked the squeaky toy dog attached to her jacket. "They didn't get the Baby! Ahahaha!"
        "And I, Maleficent, Evilest of them all, I will finally have my revenge on Sleeping Beauty, and her relentless little prince." Maleficent snarled, sitting herself upon The Evil Queen's lap, picking up the mirror and looking at herself. "Villains!"
        "Yes?" Was heard all around the room.
        Maleficent smiled wickedly at them all. "Our day has come." She looked over both of her shoulders. "E.Q., give her the magic mirror." She ordered.
        "Yeah." Evil Queen said, pulling out a small mirror and handing it to Evie delicately placing it on her hands.
        "Th...this is your magic mirror?" Evie asked confused.
        "Yeah, well, it ain't what it used to be." Evil Queen retorted. "Then again, neither are we." She joked, leaning on her chair to look at Maleficent behind her. Both laughed, wide grins plastered on their faces, "It will help you find things." Evil Queen continued.
        "Like a prince?" Evie said hopefully. Holding the mirror to her chest,
        "Like my waistline," Evil Queen said.
        "Like the wand hello!" Maleficent said. Evil Queen nodded in agreement "Hello."
        "Over here, Adeline." Medusa said. Adeline got up from her chair and walked of to her mother. Medusa reached up to the back of her necklace and unhooked it. Placing it around her daughters neck. is yours, now. "It will help you back in Auradon. Loose it and it will be the last they'll hear of 'The infamous Adeline'. Got it." Medusa pionted at Adeline. "Yes, Mother." Mumbled Adeline putting her head down.          "My spell book. My book! I need my - that book." Maleficent said. Evil Queen pointed behind them directly at the fridge. "Oh. Ah! The safe, the safe!" The shape shifting dragon clumsily tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. "Queen, help me!" Maleficent demanded. Trying deeply to open the fridge but horribly missing to accomplish. "I never can figure this thing out!" Malificent huffed.
        Maleficent banged her fist against the refrigerator door before the Evil Queen took the handle and opened it. "Walla." The Evil Queen said successfully.
        "My spellbook - come, darling, come." Maleficent gestured to Mal, taking the book out of the freezing freezer. A worn brown book covered in frost, which was apparently very cold for the purpose of Maleficent almost dropping it. "Oh, there she is. You see, it doesn't work here, but it will in Auradon." She sighed, flipping through the pages. "I remember, when we were spreading evil and ruining lives?" Maleficent asked the other villian 
        "Like it was yesterday." Evil Queen said sadly. Both Medusa and Maleficent sighing in unison. 
        "And now, you will be making your own memories..." Maleficent offered the book to Mal and Mal reached out for it, but Maleficent drew it back, "...by doing exactly as I tell you." The Mistress of All Evil said. Hoping her daughter will follow upon her orders.
        "Door." She told the Evil Queen. As the Evil Queen got up to close the fridge door, there was a car honk outside. "Ooh! Let's get this party started!" The Evil Queen declared. Happy as a merry go round.
        "What have I taught you?" Medusa asked her one and only daughter.
        "Something very stupid, Mother." Adeline sighed, "To solemnly swear to never cut my hair." Medusa smiled a devil like smiled. "So you have listened to my teachings." Medusa asked.
"Barely. Unfortunately, yes!" Adeline replied before walking off outside.

        "Carlos! Come!" Cruella ordered.
        "Who is the fairest of them all?" Evil Queen asked Evie. Evie squealed, "Me!"
        "Ah!" Evil Queen interrupted, shaking her head.
"You." Evie corrected. Not surprised at all.
"Better!" The Queen declared. Laughing slightly before following her daughter out to the limo.
        Over in the corner, Jafar and Jay have their own conversation stirring up. "Now, recite our mantra." "There is no 'team'i n 'I'." Jay replied. Jafar nodded, "Run along, you're making me tear up!" Jafar wiped a fake tear off his cheek.
        Mal followed her mother to the balcony. "The fate of the free world rests in your hands." Maleficent said to her daughter as they looked out over the island. "Don't blow it." Maleficent recited. 
        Maleficent went back inside, but Mal remained. "Maall!" 
        The limousine waiting outside was sleek and black with a golden hood ornament (which quickly disappeared with a simple and fast swipe of Jay's hat). The driver opened the back door opened and Evie ran to it, but before she could get in, Cruella came out shouting. "Get back here, now!"
        Carlos dashed around the Evil Queen, threw his bag into the limos trunk and dove in. Evie quickly got in after him, cutting between Cruella and Carlos. "Carlos! Ingrate." Cruella yelled.
        Adeline slipped in after them, but not before earning a special glare from Medusa that clearly stated 'Don't Blow It'. Adeline touched her new necklace around her neck. Giving Medusa a small nod.
        Jay jumped in after her, but Mal lingered at the door. She looked up to the balcony, where Maleficent watched. Maleficent pointed at her eyes, then at Mal. Mal nodded, then got in.
        The door closed and the driver started the engine.
        "Bring home the gold!" Jafar shouted.
        "Bring home a prince!" Evil Queen said.
        "Bring home a puppy." Cruella commanded.
        "Bring home a Demi-God!" Medusa said.

        They were on their way to Auradon. No turning back now.

A/N: Guys, I know thta Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are not Disney, but I couldn't think of anyone else. Plus, I think the that the lines that mention them have nice rings to it.
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