Safety Pin

I stepped closer to her, her eyes watering. "I'd never leave you.", I whisper. She looks down, for the first time, breaking eye contact.
"Really?". I nod. I lift her head up. Leaning in, I smile.
"I'll be your safety pin.", I said, before leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to her lips.c


3. You've Tried It All Before.

Fall's POV.

I smile. Luke apologized. And I forgive him.

"FALL! LUKEY IS HERE! COME ON!", I hear Ashton scream. I laugh. I'm in a white All Time Low tank top, a black leather jacket,red, ripped skinny jeans, and black high top converse. I pull my hair into a ponytail and walk out the door. I don't really do makeup. I used to. Before...

I walk down the stairs and my breath is taken away.

Damn, Luke looked hot.


Luke's POV.

Damn, Fall looked hot. She was absolutely stunning. I loved her shirt. All Time Low was a classic. This girl knew her music.

"Whoa.", I say. She smiles and blushes. She walks down and stands next to me.

"So...", she says.

"So...", I repeat. We bust out laughing at our awkwardness. "Okay! Let's go.", I say.

Ashton follows us to the door. "Alright, you two have fun. Be back by ten and-".

"Yeah, yeah, Ash. This isn't a date. It's an apology. I'm not into dating for right now, remember?", she whispers. He nods.

"AND DONT FORGET TO USE PROTECTION!", he yells as Fall shuts the door.

"Oh my god! I swear he acts like my damn dad...", she zones out. I lead her to the car and help her in it.

"So? Where are we going?", she asks, trying to cover up her weird zone out. I smile.

She would love this. She's obviously a music lover. Classic rock is personally my favorite.

"We, my dear Fall, are going to a GreenDay concert.", I say, pulling out the two tickets.


I chuckle. "I have the rockstar powers. Had to ask around. And Ashton said your favorite band was either Blink182 or GreenDay, and I was really in the mood for some "American Idiot", I say. She hugs me.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!", she says. I nod and pull into the driveway. "Oh, I'm wearing All Tome Low to a GreenDay concert. I'm such a doof.", she says, rolling her eyes playfully. I laugh. We walk over to the building, immediately getting swallowed in by a huge crowd.

Fall searches for my hand. I find hers and squeeze it. She gives me a tight smile. She must really hate crowds. I sign a few autographs, watching as fans eye Fall enviously. I lose Fall's hand as I sign another autograph.

When I look back, Fall isn't there anymore. I lost her.


Fall's POV.

I don't know where Luke went. One second he's there, holding my hand. The next he's not. I start to freak out. I try to get out of the crowd. But it's not working. Of I don't get out of here soon, I'll have a panic attack. In front of everyone. I push past a bunch of girls. They give me evil looks.

But I don't care. I want out. "Let me out.", I say. "Let me out!". "LET ME OUT!", I demand. I feel a hand on my waist. I scream. I don't want to be touched. I just want Luke. Where's Luke? Where's Luke?

"Calm down, Fall. I'm right here.", Luke whispers in my ear. I stop moving. "It's fine." I find his hand and take a death grip on it.

"I thought you left me.", I whisper.


He leads me over to a set of huge, glass doors. He pushes them open and I gasp. It's perfect.

There's a single blanket set up in the room. It has a lantern, a picnic basket, and cups filled with Apple cider. I smile from ear to ear when I see the open view of the stage. It's perfect.

"Oh, Luke! This is wonderful! You did all of this just to say sorry?", I gush. He shrugs. He pulls me over to the blanket and I sit down. "This is awesome! Thanks, Luke.", I say. He smiles.

"The best apology yet.", he says. This is just an apology. I feel a sharp pang. It's only an apology. I don't know why that made me sad.


Luke's POV.

The concert was awesome. She screamed a lot, yelling how amazing and talented GreenDay were. She was right. They killed it. It was their best performance so far, in my opinion.

We walked back to the car. "I had the best time.", I say. She smiles. "And I have one more place to take you.", I whisper. She giggles and agrees. I start up the car.


"We're here!", I announce. She springs out. I brought her to the beach. The waves pound on the beach softly. She smiles.

"I've never been to a beach.", she admits. I stand in shock. "What?", she asks.

"You lived in California! And you've never been to a beach?". She shrugs, looking a little uncomfortable.

"I never really had the chance. I only lived there for a month or two...", she whispers. I watch a tear roll down her cheek. I move towards her.

"Sorry. I just keep messing up, don't I?", I say. She shrugs. I take her hand and point to the stars. What was I doing? I wasn't afraid of having a friendship. I could do that. But a relationship? That would make me a liar. I wasn't stupid enough to play this game. I wasn't falling.

"They're beautiful.", she whispers. I smile warmly. I just can't help myself...

"They're not the only beautiful thing here, Fall.", I say. She blushes. I knew I was endangering my promise. A promise that I'd lived up to for two years. But, I found myself growing fond of this girl. I liked a lot about her.

Like the way she would crinkle her nose when you would tell her something, like she was soaking up every ounce of information. Like how her eyes twinkle when she talked about music, or how she planned on opening her own record store. Or how when she would laugh, her eyes would crinkle at the sides. Or how her hair blew in the wind. And how she smiled really big when you talked about your future, telling her your big dreams and plans...

"Luke?", she whispers, distracting me from my thoughts.

"Hmm?". She turns to face me. She takes a deep breath.

"Did Ashton tell you anything? A-about my p-past?", she asks, sounding afraid. I shake my head. What is there to know? Was she hurt?

"No. Why?", I ask.

She shrugs. "Just wondering. I didn't want him telling you anything embarrassing.",she says quickly, giving off the impression she's lying. I knew she was eager to get off the subject, so I point out different constellations. She smiles and asks how I know them.

"My brother, Jack. He was big in astronomy when we were little.", I say. She giggles. I intertwine our fingers. She looks back and forth between our hands and my face. I didn't know what I was doing. She didn't want this. I didn't want this. I couldn't want this. I still had Sarah.

"Fall, you understand I'm still very much in love with Sarah. You're a really cool girl, but.. I can't. I couldn't betray her like that.", I say. She pulls her hand away. She looks the other way.

"Yeah. I get it. What makes you think I even want this. I'm still very out of it. You're a really cool guy, but... I WONT. I can't do this. For the sake of your band. For Ashton's sake. For the sake of you. For me. I couldn't betray Ashton or any of you like that. I'm sorry you thought I was expecting more from you. I'm sorry I wasted your time." I'm in shock. I never knew she was this confident...

"I understand you're still broken. I am too. I can't move on from what happened. I've tried this all before, and it only makes it worse. It. Will. Not. Work. I'm sorry. I really am. But it only makes things worse when you're this broken. Luke, in sorry. But, I can't do this either. I won't do it.", she says. I nod. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, I speak.

"I hope we can still be friends Fall. I really do.", I whisper. She laughs without emotion and stands.

"I've tried it all before. And it only makes it worse, Luke.", she says, walking towards the car.


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