Safety Pin

I stepped closer to her, her eyes watering. "I'd never leave you.", I whisper. She looks down, for the first time, breaking eye contact.
"Really?". I nod. I lift her head up. Leaning in, I smile.
"I'll be your safety pin.", I said, before leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to her lips.c


1. Running To The Edge Of The World...

I run faster. Anything to escape his wrath. He's mad. And I don't know why. He's the one who cheated. But I'm the one who's hurt. I'll suffer the consequences of his actions.

I feel something pull me back. Oh, god. I try to wriggle away, but I fail. Cold metal presses against my temple. I freeze. He has a gun. "Don't move. It'll be fine. After this, I'll leave you alone for a very long time.", I hear him say. My hands and feet are bound behind me.

My pants are slowly pulled off my waist. I scream, causing the metal to make a clicking sound. I'm frozen once again. I let tears drip down my face as my mouth is duct taped. Something touches a part of me. I scream into the tape. No! I don't want this. Not with him!

But I can't do anything. All I can do is lay there, flailing. All I can do is let him do this. No one's coming. So I'll just suffer this on my own. I don't like these consequences.


I blast "Teenagers", by My Chemical Romance. I keep my legs crossed, like I always do when I'm with a large amount of people. I wish I would have gotten Maya to drive me. But she doesn't talk to me anymore. No one does. People give me stares. I hide behind my book. I know I look wierd. They don't have to stare to let me know.

I have light brown, naturally wavy hair that falls lamely down my back. I have boring gray eyes that freak people out with their freakish ability to "glow in the dark". I have a small, button nose, and rosy lips. I SOUND normal. But I'm not.

They're not starring at my facial features, or my lack of curves. They're looking at my bone deep skinniness. They're looking at how my bones stick out from my anorexia. They're looking at the burn on my neck, clearly visible among my light skin. They're looking at how I keep shifting in my seat, because it still hurts to sit or lay down.

I'm not normal. My parents agreed something needed to be done given my "situation", as the counselor has put it. I really didn't have a lot of family left, other than my parents and an aunt. Maybe a few distant cousins. So, they contacted those distant cousins.

None of them really needed another kid. But my parents were persistent. Finally, one family gave in. The Irwins. They have a son named Ashton. He's about my age. But there's the fact that his band is famous. 5 Seconds Of Summer. They're okay. But they could NEVER take the place o Nirvana and Green Day. EVER.

The next song comes on, just happening to be "Castaway", by 5SOS themselves. I turn it up. Heartbreak that I can't escape. All of my screaming whispers slipped right to his fingers. And that's why I'm leaving California now. I'm being casted away.

My phone rings, signaling a text from my mom.

Mommers: Hey, sweetie! I love you! I'm so sorry all of this has happened to you! But you've made it. I'm so proud of you. Dad says hi. He hasn't called because you and I both know that he's the weaker one. The Irwins will be be there when you get off of the plane. Love you, Mom. XOXO.

She'll understand if I don't text back. Instead, I text Ashton. We've grown rather close lately after talking for endless hours on the phone. He's actually a really cool person. He knows what happened but he doesn't treat me different because of it.

Me: Hey, Ash. I'll be there in about an hour or so. See you then?

Ash: Yeah! Can't wait to see you in person! Love you, bye.

Me: Love ya too, Ashes.

I sigh and turn off the T.V in front of me. Stretching, I look out the window. It's so beautiful. The sun is reflecting off of the plane wing and it's a clear day. I take a picture, smiling to myself. The pilot announces we're landing soon. I make sure everything is ready and wait.

I'm almost away from the pain.


I walk around, looking for Ashton. He should be here by now. I pull out my phone to call him when two arms wrap around me, lifting me up. I suck in a breath. I HATE being touched. I kick and the person puts me down. I turn to see Ashton. He smiles.

"ASH!!!", I scream. He pulls in for a hug, and this time, I let him. He sets me back down and grabs my hand and steers me through the many screaming girls around us. Huh, I didn't notice that before. I suck in a huge breath each time someone touches me. I HATE BEING TOUCHED!

I really wanna breakdown right now. I want to scream at them. To leave us alone. To not touch us. But this is Ashton's life. I have to deal with that.

We hurry over to a parked car. Ash helps me in, and gets in the drivers seat. "Sorry about that. It's really crazy since we're going on tour in about six months.", he apologizes. I smile.

"It's okay, Ashley.", I joke. He laughs.

"Okay, Fallerela."

I smile and turn to the window.


I follow Ashton up to my new room. He gestures to a lime green door with my name on it. I smile. I open the door and gasp. It's huge! And it's just like me. It has posters of all my favorite bands, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, and All Time Low. The bed is a huge four poster queen.

The blanket is black with the words "There's Nothing Like The Rain When You're In Outer Space". The pillows have star patterns all over them. I squeal. "Thank you!", I scream, hugging Ash again. He spins me around.

When he sets me down, I look at the laptop in the corner. "You don't have to use it. It's just for anything.", he says. I nod. I slip out my new album from 5SOS. The music blasts once I put it in the music player. I start to sing along with it.

"Keep on whispering in my ear. Tell me all the things that I wanna here. But it's true. That's what I like about you.", I sing. Ash stares at me in shock. "What? You look like you've seen a ghost.", I say.

"You can sing really good." I roll my eyes. Yeah right!

I turn the music down and plop down on my bed. Ashton does the same. "So...when are your mates coming over?", I ask. They have band practice today. They're writing new songs to present to their record company.

"In about ten minutes. Wanna meet them?". I nod. Do I want to meet 5SOS? HELL YES! I spring up.

I'm in ripped black skinny jeans, a white Beatles shirt, and a black leather jacket. Good enough. I've never really cared about my appearance anyway. I pull my hair down and grab my grey beanie from my bag. Most of my things were already sent here, so my clothes are all in drawers.

I pull out my phone and text my mom.

Me: Love you. Meeting Ash's friends. So excited!

I put my phone in my back pocket and realize Ash is starring at my stomach. The bones are practically stacking out of my skin. That's how it feels, anyway. "I'm okay.", I whisper, giving him a reassuring smile. He takes my hand and we walk down the stairs.


Hi guys!

Did you like? I loved. Hope you all love my new Luke Fanfic! See you next update!


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