Safety Pin

I stepped closer to her, her eyes watering. "I'd never leave you.", I whisper. She looks down, for the first time, breaking eye contact.
"Really?". I nod. I lift her head up. Leaning in, I smile.
"I'll be your safety pin.", I said, before leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to her lips.c


2. Broken Boy Meets Broken Girl

"So...he has a cousin?".

"A very distant cousin. Name's Fall.", Cal adds. I nod. We were going over to Ash's places to write some new songs, and the boys are dropping the news on me that Ash's cousin is staying due to some problems.

"Okay. As long as she doesn't affect our song writing, I'm good.", I lie. Truely, I couldn't wait to see her. I was a little curious about this "problem" that has her living with Ashton. "So, I've been working on this new song abou-".

"WERE HERE!", Calum shouts. We all pile out of the car.

Ash comes out and greets us. That's when I see her.

She stands in the doorway, her hair messy and smushed under a beanie. She has a Beatles T, ripped black skinny jeans, and leather jacket on. And she looks beautiful.

She has stormy gray eyes, and they look...sad. They look empty. Her brown hair falls down her shoulders in waves. She's really skinny. Like, bone deep. I frown. Was this the problem. Did she have anorexia? I had a friend who'd had it, and it didn't turn out well. Still she was so beautiful...

I snap myself out of the trance her beauty had put me in. I put my headphones in. I have every intention of ignoring her. I promised myself that after Sarah died, I'd never talk to another girl again. And I'm not gonna break my promise.

We shuffle into the house. She smiles at all of us. "I'll go get drinks.", she says. Yep, every intention.


Fall's POV.

I go through the fridge, trying to find something that will help. Like a bomb. Maybe I can obliterate everything that's happened in the last twenty-four hours. Something. I pull out waters for everyone and head back into the living room. "Got it.", I say, handing every band member their water. Luke doesn't look up at me when I try handing him his. He doesn't even acknowledge me.

And that hurts because I've had the biggest crush on him since they appeared on YouTube. I just stand there, bottle in hand, waiting and frowning, slightly losing my patience. People are hard to trust. And you don't gain that trust by ignoring that person.

Michael looks at me apologetically. He gets up and yanks an earphone out of Luke's ear. "Mikey what the he-".


"Is it because she looks like Sarah?", Michael asks him in a calm, soft, and caring voice. Luke snatches the water from my hand and speaks.

"She does not. Sarah was perfect. No one will ever amount to Sarah.", he says before putting the earphones in and looking down.

He called me imperfect. Not really, he called every girl imperfect. But SARAH. Who's Sarah? I can already feel my eyes watering, so I rush upstairs,dropping my open bottle.

He's not wrong. I am imperfect. In more ways than one.


Luke's POV.

I hear a splash. I look up, finding nothing where Fall used to be. God dammit! Even her name was perfect! I know I've wounded her heart. And I'm sorry. But it is true. No one will EVER amount to Sarah. But Fall was a close second...

"Jackass.", Michael and Ashton say in unison. They leave the room. I sigh.

"Cal? How do I say sorry to her? I didn't mean to snap at her, but you know Sarah is a soft spot for me.", I reason. He nods.

"The only way to say sorry is to talk to her. And for be a jerk. Apologize.", Cal says, smiling and leaving to find the boys.

"Great.", I mumble,"Now I have to see her beautiful face again." What was wrong with me?


I knock on her door. "Go away, Ashton. Luke's right. Just leave me alone for right now. I'm okay.", she yells. I sigh. This was gonna be hard.

"It's not Ashton. It's Luke. I wanted to tell you something.", I say. The door swings open, to reveal a very angry Fall.

"What? To tell me how imperfect and ugly I am? I don't WANT to talk to you! I don't talk to strangers!", she spits.

"You're talking to me right now.", I correct. She snarls. I back up, hands in the air as if saying "I surrender." She leans against the doorway.

"I'm sorry, Fall. And I'd like to make it up to you. If you'd let me. Please.", I beg. She shrugs. "Two years back, I had a girlfriend. We were about to celebrate our one year anniversary. She drove to a store to pick out a dress for our dinner, and she...uh...she didn't make it back.", I whisper.

She looks up. "I'm so sorry, Luke. I didn't know. Is that Sarah?", she asks. I nod. "I know you're sorry. I would snap like that, too. In fact, I'm just as broken and twisted as you are.", she admits.

"I'll let you make it up to me. And I'm not going to say "sorry for your loss" because you've probably heard that a million times. God knows that's what everyone else will say." I nod. She smiles and comes forward.

Her lips softly peck my cheek. "No one is perfect. But there can be a select few who are extra special in God's eyes. You've found yours. You're lucky to have experienced love. I'm still waiting.", she whispers, walking back into her room, shutting the door behind her.


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