All Of Your Mistakes

When Lady Henriette discovers her husband to be, Duke Richard of Gloucester, is secretly married she feels upset and betrayed to say the least. The Lady, daughter to the most powerful man in France, besides the King himself, the Duke of Bourbon, is also not too impressed. Bourbon advises both the French and English King to turn their backs on the young Duke for treason to both countries.
Having fled his fiancée Henriette for a young maid, Richard is alone, his Father is furious. An alliance between France and England is long awaited. With nowhere to run Richard turned to Henriette for help. She offers him some, but not the kind of help Richard desired.
Cover beautifully made courtesy of Coverbatch. Historical


15. Chapter Fifteen

“Anna, Anna!” he shouted from the inside of his private study.

“Yes my Lord,” Anna replied rushing into the room. The bright eyed maid looked her Master in the face.

“Is there nothing you can do to stop that bloody baby from brawling so loudly?” he demanded.

“I am afraid there is nothing I can do that I am not already trying, my Lord, the child, your son is most restless, and I fear he is falling ill,”

“Take him out for a walk around the grounds; I must have silence in order to do my work properly,”

“Yes my Lord, at once,” Anna said curtseying before leaving the room. As she did, he could not help notice how beautiful she was.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, stopped himself, he was a married man. Not to mention an extremely busy one.

History suggests overthrowing one throne can be tiring let alone both the French and English throne at once.

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