Not A Perfect Angel ☼AFI☼

"Not all angels are perfect. Some don't even act like an angel. We just have to act like we know what to do, because we never know what to do. Trust me."


2. T W O

Chapter Two: Not A Perfect Angel



     Poor Ashton. I honestly thought he knew. I mean you can tell that they have been fighting. I know that they probably won't be a couple by tomorrow. I won't even give it 24 hours. Luke actually thought they already broke up. Last night it was hilarious to see his face when we said that they are still together. Me, Calum, and Luke were on the topic of Ashton and he said how lucky he is to be single. Then we told that they are still together. Luke wants to break up with Jane but she is so sensitive that she cries when we are driving and we hit a bug. He kind of regrets dating her sometimes. 

     "Dude, are you coming? We're getting pizza," Luke said as he grabbed Calum's keys and tossed them to him. I grabbed my phone of the couch and ran out to the car. I jumped in the backseat and we went  for pizza picking up Ash on the way.

     "So... Have you and Ashley broken up yet?" Calum asks Ashton. Luke punches him on the arm hardly and Calum winced.

     "Yeah," He says and takes a bite of his pizza. 

     "Do you want to go pick up some chicks with us later?" I ask.

     "Fuck yeah," Calum yells. Everyone in the place looks at Calum like he had horns growing out of his ears and nose.

     "I wasn't asking you Calum," I said through gritted teeth. 

     "Sorry," He whispers.

    "I guess I'll go," Ashton mumbles.

     We all finish eating the pizza, while continuing to discuss our plans for later. After we leave, Calum takes us to Hooters. Right when we arrived, Luke got out of the passenger seat, tore Cal from the driver's seat, and started to drive us to the Sunrise Cafe.

     "Hey, man! What the hell??" Calum exclaims from his new place in the passenger side. 

     "Do you wanna meet nice, pretty girls, or do you wanna meet desperate, loser guys?" I said glancing over to Cal.

     Calum turned back around  and continued to grumble under his breath. We headed towards the outskirts of town. Luke drove up to a small, older looking building. 

     "This place looks familiar," Ashton said.

      "Yeah, this is the place that was on the news three years ago. It was a really popular place until the big incident," Luke says.

     "What happened?" I ask while trying to remember what happened here.

     "There was this girl named Catalina and her family runs the place, so she worked there. And she had been depressed since she was like nine and she took her own life here," Luke said.

     "How'd she do it?" Ashton asked.

     "Drug overdose," I stated as I parked the car and unbuckled. 

     We all walked in and sat at the first available table we saw. A waitress walked over and handed us some menus. She asked if we wanted any drinks. We got the drinks we ordered and started looking at the menus. On the cover of the menu there was a photo of Catalina and under the photo it said, "In Loving Memory of Catalina Blina Turner. 1996-2012"

     "She is really attractive," I stated, and everyone else agreed. The waitress came over and took our orders when we were ready. When we got our food we all went into different conversations, Luke and Calum only ordered muffins, so they went outside. Me and Ashton talked, Luke was on the phone with Jane outside and Calum is out in the car listening to the radio to see who won the drawing for the car. 

     "You holding up okay?" I asked.

     "Kind of," Ashton replied

     "Are you still cutting?" I already knew the answer.

     "Yeah," He said really quietly.

     "Wh-" I was cut off by hearing Calum having a tantrum outside. Everyone in the cafe stopped what they were doing and looked outside. We ran to the counter and paid the check. Me and ash ran out covered Calum's mouth and threw him in the back seat with me. Luke sped out of the parking lot and we went so fast I'm surprised we didn't forget our shadow. 

     Luke dropped me, Calum, and Ashton off at my house and drove out of the driveway. We got in the house and turned on the T.V. Nothing good was on so we just left it on for background noise. I grabbed my laptop and googled 'Catalina Turner.' I forgot her middle name. I clicked on the first link and saw everything that happened. No one would've guessed that she was depressed. They uncovered many journals under her mattress. They all said that she was unhappy and didn't know what to do. On the last entry she made she said that she was going to end all of this pain. That was the night before she overdosed.

     "Guys, come look at this," I said and they both surrounded me.

     "Hey, she was also in a band," Calum said.

     "She was a drummer like me," Ashton stated and smiled. "Hey there's a video," He continued.

     We watched the video and saw pictures and small home videos. She looked like a very happy person. She was always smiling and laughing. She was a cheerleader, artist, photography and a bookworm. There were photos of her in public like a park or restaurant, but she always had a backpack with spay-paint all over it with her. The article said that she never left the house without it. After the video we all had some cold pizza from the night before and just hung out.

     "Wow. I didn't know it was this late," Calum stated. 

     "Here you guys can just stay here for the night," I said.

     "Couch!" Calum yelled and jumped on the couch. Ashton just smiled and sat on the chair.

     "Goodnight!" I yelled throughout the house. They both yelled goodnight back.








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