Not A Perfect Angel ☼AFI☼

"Not all angels are perfect. Some don't even act like an angel. We just have to act like we know what to do, because we never know what to do. Trust me."


3. T H R E E

Chapter Three: Not A Perfect Angel



     If Ashton owns this house then why is he sleeping on a chair and not in his bed? I mean, in my opinion that's just peer stupid. I was sitting on the ottoman that was a set with the chair that Ash was sleeping on. I picked up his phone and started looking on it. I went through his photos and some of his apps. When I was looking through his photos there was one that really caught my attention. It was a photo of him when he was about four or five. He was wearing a party hat and in the background there was a happy birthday banner. I turned his phone off and started walking through his house. There were pictures and paintings but one painting really stood out. I realized that it was one of my paintings. I use to sell my artwork and this was one of my favorite paintings I've ever done. I started looking through his fridge and I heard Ashton wake up.

     "What are you doing up? It's seven in the morning," He says assuming I'm one of his friends. I close the door and he looks at me with wide eyes.

     "Morning Ash," I say as I pick up an apple.

     "Who are you, and how did you get into my house?" 

     "You know you should have much more healthier choices in your house."

     "Who are you!" He yelled.

     "My God, would you keep your voice down?"

     "I'm going to ask one more time, WHO ARE YOU?!" 

     "I'm not going to lie Ash, I'm hurt that you don't recognize me," I stated.


     "I go by Cat, actually."

     "Sorry to be asking this, but aren't you dead?"

     "It's okay. Yes I am dead. I was sent down here to help you. You see whenever a child is born, their Guardian Angel already knows many things about you, within seconds of you being born. My Guardian Angel knew that I would make a perfect saving angel. And I'm here to save you. I will be a part of your life for as long as you need me. But if you don't want me here, you can just say the word, and I will be gone." I said as I started walking towards his bedroom. He was close behind.

     "Wait, I don't understand." He stated.

     "Okay, so since I committed suicide, I died. So I turned into the angel my Guardian Angel wanted me to be. Whenever you die, you either turn into an angel, but only if you have been chosen as a newborn."

     "So when you were born your Guardian Angel picked you as a saving angel, and now you are here to save me?"

    "I'm not going to ask this to embarrass you or anything, but are you still confused?"

    "Yes, sorry."

    "No, no need to be sorry. If you don't understand now, you will later."

     "Oh, also I have some questions for you, if you don't mind?"

     "No, ask me any question." He stated.

     "So, what are some of your hobbies?"

     "Well I'm part of a band, called Five Seconds of Summer," He says as I snap my fingers and a clipboard appears in my hand with his forms. He looks at me in total shock. Like a five year old would look at me if I kicked their puppy, but without any tears.

     "Okay, so your band members are..." I said wait for him to say their names.

     "Luke, Michael, and Calum."

     "Thanks." I said as I smiled. 

     "Looks like I have to go," I said.

     "Wait, why? We haven't even been talking an hour." He said.

     "Your friends are starting to wake up." I said. He turns to look at the couch to see Cal starting to wake up. When he turns back to where I was sitting, I wasn't there. I could see him searching around the room for me. Cal sat up and rubbed his eyes. Him and Ash started talking and I left. Waiting for him to need me again.

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