Review shop

You want a review on your story? Request here, we have a group of able reviewers at our disposal!
Warning: We have the right to refuse anyone we see being unfit or disrespectful.


1. Rules + Form

Hello everyone! Right now I'm working on gathering reviewers, so I might be the most available. If you have a certain person you want to review, put it in your form and I will see if they're available!

1. If you are disrespectful or rude to your reviewer or demand to be seen, we will take you off the list.

2. Please do not get upset- this is to help better your writing. 

3. Sorry, but we can not take about yellow- if we find someone, we might soon add it.

4. Don't request a story if you are not the author!

I guess that's it. The "form" is really just a link to the story and what you'd like us to focus on, such as characters, plot, etc. See you soon!

(P.S- reviews will be posted here!)

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