My Selfie Story

This is the story behind a selfie.


2. The Story

This selfie is of me and my little cousin, who I am going to call Krista. We haven't seen each other in several years, and we were so happy to see each other! She and I goofed around a little bit, making sing-along videos and funny faces at the camera. We sang "Let it Go", "Count on Me", "Uptown Funk", and even "Ring of Fire"! We ate a ton of mandarin oranges, which gave me a stomach ache. She laughed at that. Her laugh is adorable! She also helped me write a chapter of "The Boy With the Silver Eyes", which was super fun! Finally, when it was almost time for her to go to bed, we took one great picture, the one in the previous chapter. I'm going to look back on that picture and remember that night forever.

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