Screw you!

did the love and friendship die when he made a mistake. Noelle is so over Gale,or thats what she thinks.


1. Revenges

Noelle "He's gonna be here soon."Sienna my best friend said biting her teeth and giving me sad smile. I raised my eye brow as i fixed my make up. "Who?" I said. Emily gave me a look and said "Gale." I let a laugh. "I am so over him." I said rolling my eyes. "I know honey." Sienna said. "The door bell rang. "Okay girls lets have fun!" Emily said giving us high five. And the party started. As i made my way out of kitchen holding my bottle i was bit tipsy and i saw familiar blonde curls. I gulped and the shook my head. I met his eyes. He looked bit embarrassed and then my gaze moved to next to him well he was holding hand with some blonde girl. I snorted and he raised his eye brow and i left the room the idea of breathing same air with Gale was disgusting me. I walked to downstairs where my other friends where. I lied down to the carpet next to them as i listened their conversations. I got soon bored and decided to walk around the house. As i came from toilet i was closed the door and i heard a noise behind the door like something or more likely someone had hit to the door. "Oh shit i am sorry didn't notice you." I said as i opened the door and saw a guy sitting on the floor and holding his forehead. "Its okay." He said he didn't look familiar. "He stood up he was still holding his head and i could see his handsome face and tall muscular body. "Oh lets go to the kitchen and put some ice on to it." I said. He followed me to the kitchen and sat on the kitchen table and i took a ice pack from the freezer and i stood between his legs holding the ice on his forehead. He kept his eyes closen as he relaxed a bit. "Does it feel any better." I asked biting my lip as he slowly opened his eyes to look at me. "Yeah,thanks." He smiled. " i am really sorry." I said. "Its okay, you couldn't have seen me i was being clumsy." He said. I nod giving him a smile. "So whats your name beautiful." He said flashing a wide flirty smile. "Noelle." I answered. "It's pleasure to meet you Noelle, i am Castiel." He said taking my hand and kissing it. Ugh another guy looking for a easy one night thing. Time passed i danced with my friends and spend time with Castiel. Gale kept staring at me then and there and as he saw me dancing with Castiel he seemed clearly pissed off and he took the his girlfriend by the hand and kissed her making sure that i was watching and i just leaned closer to Castiel carelessly and Gale bite his teeth and pulled with her as they vanished into room. People were leaving and others were taking over every free sofas and beds. "Theres no room for me to sleep." I cried out as few of my friends were sitting on the sofa super tiredly. "I know a secret place." Castiel smirked. "Really?" I said wanting so badly to sleep. "But i wont tell you its mine." He smirked. "Please, please." I whined biting my lip and giving him a puppy eyes. "Alright you won." He said and stood up i followed him to some closet and there were mattress,pillows and blankets. I lied down to the mattress and of course he lied down next to me wrapping an arm around me and his head was resting on my shoulder. We didn't say a word i listened our breaths and tried to catch a sleep but that was impossible. His soft plumb lips were on my shoulder he wasn't kissing me he just kept them there. I moved a little so my back wasn't on him. We were still quiet.his lips closer to mine but still not close enough. I moved my head slowly and he was breathing hard. "Gosh Noelle.why are you torturing me like this." He breathed. "Well I don't know Castiel,why aren't you doing anything." I said. And that was all what it took. He moved on top of me kissing me hungrily. I enjoyed the way how his lips were so soft and delicious and he really was skilled. The small closet felt hotter and he took his shirt of and even though i only saw silhouette of him i could tell his body was fine and i ran my fingers on his abs. He kissed my neck biting the skin of my neck and totally going to leave a hickey. I moved on top of him dress had vanished but I couldn't care. Suddenly the doors knob turned and someone stood in the door. "Well well who do we have here?" I heard drunk Emily say. She always turned to funnily annoying when she was drunk. Then she put the lights on i covered my eyes. Castiel quickly pulled a blanket over me and i turned to see Emily and Gale standing there Gale looked pissed ,what hell was his problem? And Emily had wicked drunk smile on her face. "Continue." Emily smirked and closed the door. Castiel took me by my waist and kissed the mark what he had made to my neck. "I'm tired. I want to sleep,okay." I said. "Its fine." He said and i got next to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

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