The Changers

It's not easy to be the biggest boyband in the world, and those 4 boys doesn't handle it very well. Now they are known as The Changers, and are wanted worldwide. It all seems to work out for them though, but what will they do when they get caught of their biggest rivals and set up to be killed?


2. Prologue

“Why are you always so afraid of everything!” I shouted in Niall’s direction. He was the only one left on the right side of the fence. Louis, Harry, Liam and myself had already climbed over and into the back square. We had planet to see if we could come into the big building where all the tec stuff is hided before they drive it out to the customers and stores. We needed some new laptops and tonight any crime is legal. So why not. Niall was all into it, but right in the moment we got out here, he acted all weird and now he won’t do it. “I’m not, I’m just smarter than that. And you guys used to be too..” He says while coming closer to the fence. I walk closer to it too and look him in the eyes. Or I think it’s what I’m doing, because of the darkness I can’t really see that much. But I know it’s him. “Come on, it will be fun. And were all right beside you. No one will be left behind. Promise.” I say calm to convince him, and it seems to work. Hi climbs over and we all great him with smiles. “I knew you could do it, maybe you’re not so big of a coward as we thought..” Liam says and smiles at him. We all looks at the building, that most of all just looks like a scene in a horror movie, but we still goes over to the big gate that the trucks loads from and looks for an opportunity to come inside. After I had looked at the gate in a time that felt like forever, I walked along the side of the building and looked for another entrance. I didn’t have much time though, because Liam shouts that he found a way. I walk back, only to see he had kicked a little door in. They tell me to crawl in and open for them. “Why me?” I look at them and they all look back at me. “You’re the smallest, and you’re the only one here with the nuts to do it.” Harry explains and drawn at his shoulders. “Is Louis too scared to do it?” I ask with a laugh. He used to be the first to do stuff like that. “I’m not scared, I’m just letting my little sister try to live up to the Tomlinson name. “It’s not even ours you little nerd..” I say before I take a deep breath and look over at the black hole, that I have to crawl into. Why am I always the one that does stuff like that, I think by myself and moves closer to the hole. I bound down, and look inside. There is all dark and I look back at the boys. “Someone having some lightning?” I ask and Louis immediately pull up a lighter from his pocket. We all decided that no one should bring their phones along. So in that moment I was glad Louis always have a lighter on him. I smile at him and look inside again. After some time just looking inside, I go in. when I’m inside, I get up from the floor, brush some dust of my jeans and try to find some lightning. I found a switch and turn it on. It all lights up and I can see all the boxes with the stuff we needed. If not more. I then go over and open the gate so that the boys can come inside. “What took you so long..” Louis says and gets big eyes when he sees all the stuff. “Ohh..” He says slowly and quiet. “Yes..” I say with a smile, goes over to the boxes, and begins to find the stuff we need so we can get out of here. The boys do the same thing. 

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