The Changers

It's not easy to be the biggest boyband in the world, and those 4 boys doesn't handle it very well. Now they are known as The Changers, and are wanted worldwide. It all seems to work out for them though, but what will they do when they get caught of their biggest rivals and set up to be killed?


3. Kidnapped

It's all dark, and I can't see a thing. I can't feel a thing. It's all so weird. And I don't know where I am. It feels like I'm floating in the air. I try to find out if it's just a dream, but nothing gets me out of this place. I try to move, but something is holding me and I can't do a single thing. I'm surprisingly not scared or anything. Just calm, witch freaks me out even more. "Hello?" I say with a low voice and something moves beside me immediately. I can't feel it, but I can hear it. A low scratchy sound. Like rope against something. "Max!" Someone says with a choked voice. It's Louis' voice. I recognize it immediately. "Yeah?" I say with a little shake in my voice, but I don't want to freak him out. "Where are we, what is this?" I say so fast my words don't come out as they should. Okay, it didn't work, he totally knows I'm kind of freaked out right now. "At the FFX house.." He mumbles. I try to look around, but because of the darkness, I can't see a thing. "Are we alone?" I say and try to look in the direction Louis' voice came from. "No. Styles, Horan and Payne are here.." He say. And I'm not surprised. Those boys do anything together, so of course they are kidnapped together. Anything else would just freak them out. I think, have never really seen them apart. "Heey.." The guys mumble a little weird. "Hey?" I say kind of confused. I Trying to get myself out of this again, but without luck. I lean my head back against the cold metal and close my eyes. Or I think they are closed. Since it's dark no matter what I do, it's not easy to separate. "We have to get out of here before someone finds us." I hear Harry say. "If you haven't noticed it pretty boy, were stuck!" Niall shouts at him. "So they already found us idiot.." I open my eyes and look in their direction. I don't like when they fight, but I know they have to sometimes. Finally, someone turns on the lights, and I have to close my eyes a couple of times because it's so bright. Then I can finally see where I am, and it doesn't look good. At all. I look to the left, and all the boys are lined up the same way as myself. Bound to a metallic thing, I can't see. The thing that scares me the most is the plastic put under us. I know why it's there, but don't want to think about it. I look at the man I know who is, but whose name I don't know. But I know it's the 'leader' of FFX Alpha. "Why are we here Martinez!? Couldn't you get you little monkeys to kill us themselves?" Liam shouts. Kill? Okay why am I even surprised? I knew that that's why we're here, but still. I know the voice, Liam's angry voice. And what comes after it, is never a good thing. But I can also hear some fear in his voice, and to be honest, it's the first time I have heard that. "You are here, my gentlemen." He starts out. "And lady.." He says quietly with disgust in his voice, looking at me. Hah, he doesn't like me because of the fact that I can do more damage than any of his men. "Because you defied me for the last time. I don't tolerate people braking into my properties and takes my tings." He says in his weird Mexican accent. I will bet it's all fake. But I know what he says is all real. "Sure sure, just let us go already. We have stuff to do.." I hear from Harry and I try really hard not to laugh. That boy just don't give a shit about anything anymore. "No!" Martinez shouts with all his power and I look up at him. He looks so angry and is all red in his face. And again it takes all in me not to laugh. And now you will think, why are you about to laugh all the time? Simply because I'm so afraid I won't get out here alive. I can see that Niall is doing something, but I can't really see what it is. I just look away again, if I look to long someone will notice and stop him. Niall is the brain behind this group, so my dead wish would be him doing something to get us out. And my wish must have been heard, because he was. Louis pull out a lighter from his pocket, he never leaves the house without one, and burn the robes over. Louis gives it to Niall, who gives it to Liam, Harry and then me. We all burn our robes over, but keep our hands as if they were still bound to the metal thing. In the meantime, Louis have a conversation with Martinez, so that he won't notice anything. Or his 'monkeys' won't notice anything. We all look at each other on turn, to agree that everyone is free and then at Martinez again. "So, what you say is that you actually can't do anything yourself. You only brought us here to look like it's all your work?" Louis ask with a grin on his face. This is insane, but I know it will work. Or, at least I hope so. "I don't want to hear more from you! Kill 'em!" Martinez shouts and points at us. I know were free, but it gives me a chock anyways, and I move a little. We can actually die of this and I don't want to die. Not yet. I knew the risk was there when I first started doing this, but I didn't realize it could be right in front of me. And it is now. I can die. All his 'monkeys' as Liam calls them, lines up in front of us and point their machine guns in our direction. I close my eyes for a little and take a deep breath. It's now or never. And right after that thought, Niall shouts. "NOW." And we all run as fast as our legs can, toward the exit. I hear a gun shoot and someone falling. I turn around and look at my brother on the ground. "No!" I start to run in his direction, but both Niall and Liam pulls me the other way. "Get out. Now!" They both say at once. Without thinking, I get out and away. But all I can think of, is the picture of my brother laying on the ground. It was like everything was in slow motion and I didn't even get the change to find out if he was dead or alive.

My head hurts; it's the ting waking me up. Or is it the little voice saying my name? I don't know. I don't know much right now actually. I open my eyes and look at tree known faces. "She's awake. I think.." Liam says and looks at me, his head tilted a little to the side. "You sure?" Harry mumbles and leans closer to me. I push him away with so little power, that I'm not even sure if I even reached him. I try to sit up, but my head feel so heavy I have to lay down again. "Yeah, I'm sure." Liam answers with a little grin and helps me up. "You okay princess?" He ask and look at me. He actually looks, worried. But why? "I can't feel a thing, what happened?" I ask and can finally stand on my own legs. I take myself to the head and feel a little blood. "We came out, and you fell on the way.." Harry tells me, then look at Niall. "We didn't get Louis out thought. We don't know where he is.." Niall tells me, after looking at me too long. "What?" I say, maybe too loud, but it's my brother. He can't be in there by himself. He will die. If he isn't already. And then I remember all of it. The rush I felt when we all started running towards the door. The sound of the gun and him falling against the cold cement and me looking into his beautiful green eyes. Maybe for the last time. "We have to get him out." I say and starts walking back. "No, we have to plan this. If he isn't already dead, he will give us a sign so we can get him out. You now that." Harry says and take a grip around my arm. I look back at him, then down and close my eyes for a bit. I feel Harry putting his arms around me, and to be honest, that's just what I needed. Harry is maybe a hardcore little shit and all, but when it comes to us, his family, he's always there. And we all know he's the best to comfort us if we're sad. The tears begins to run down my face, and for the first time ever, I pray to the higher powers, that Louis will get out alive. Suddenly I feel all the boys' arms around me. And the feeling of standing in the middle of all their hugs, must be the best feeling ever.

We don't really know where we are, and all our phones is gone. So we just have to walk in a direction and hope for the best. If anyone find us now, it will get bad. One Direction found in a desert, with Louis missing and his little sister. That could only go wrong. So every time an airplane or something else is coming, we hide. And that is very often actually. We try to keep the conversation going, but we aren't really in the mood for talking. Actually I haven't said anything in a very long time now. I'm deep in my own thoughts and worries about Louis. And what we can do to get him out. I know Niall said he would give us a sign or something, but I can't stop thinking about something. A plan.

When we finally gets to a road, we are like half an hour away from the hotel. And it starts to get dark. Niall puts and arm around me and we all start to walk toward the hotels location. I'm so tired I could lay down and fall asleep in a second. Actually I think I could fall asleep walking, so I'm glad that Niall is walking by my side so I'm not falling. I'm looking around, and all I can see is people in their cars, mostly looking weird at us, and palm trees along both sides of the road. "How long again?" I ask in the middle of a yawn. Niall tights his grip around me a little and looks over at Liam. "It can't be more than five minutes or something." Liam answers and look at me. I nod and look at the road again. I can't believe we have ended in this situation. Kidnaped and almost dead. Louis is gone and maybe forever. I can't get the image of Louis laying on the ground, shot, looking me in the eyes to go away. 
When we finally arrive at the hotel, I fall half-asleep in the elevator on the way up to our flor. It feels like my body is falling apart. Not only because of Louis, but also because of all the things that happened today. I could have been dead now. But I'm not. The elevator doors open and I walk out, down the corridor, open the door to Niall and my room and lay down in the bed under the quilt with all my clothes on. I'm so tired and have so many things on my mind, but I can't fall asleep. At all. I can hear the boys talking on the other side of the door, but not what they are say to each other. I close my eyes and fall asleep, like falling down in a deep black hole.

I wake up the next morning because of the sun shining through our window. I squeeze my eyes because of the brightness and look around the room. I yawn quietly and look at the blonde boy by my side. Niall. He has both his strong arms around me and is in a deep sleep. I smile a little and run a hand through his blonde hair with dark brown roots. It feels so soft against my palm. I give him a kiss on his forehead and get up. I still have my clothes on from yesterday, so I undress myself so I just have my underwear on and go to the bathroom. I look myself in the mirror. My dark brown hair is falling down both sides of my face and is in it's full length. My pale face, with it's round figure. I have a little tan, so the fact that it looks like I'm almost white, scares me a little. Makeup from yesterday and tired almost closed eyes. I run a hand through my hair and let it fall to place again. It seems so flat and boring in the moment. I decide to go in the shower and wash my hair, so I maybe look a little more alive. Again, Louis comes to my mind. The same image. I can't get it to go away. It feels like I'm starting to cry, but nothing happens. I'm stuck. I finish my bath, and put on some clean clothes. I blow dry my hair and look at it in the mirror again. I looks more alive than before, but nothing extraordinary. I put on some new makeup and unlock the door again. I look over at Niall, who is still sleeping. Again, I can't help it but smile. He looks so cute, and I bet no one would ever think that his a murder, or anything bad at all, when he lay there. He looks so calm, like a little innocent puppet. I take my phone from the nightstand and unlock it. I haven't checked it since the night before we got kidnaped, so I have a lot of messages. I sit down in an armchair and start to read and reply to them. I find a message from Louis and it is send an hour after we got out of the FFX house. "He's alive.." I mumble and look at the text.

"In a world of lies, the truth can kill."

I look at the text and read it over and over again. What does this mean? It has no meaning at all. What lie? What truth? I look over at Niall, sleeping all peacefully. But I have to wake him up. Unfortunately. I walk over and lay a hand on his arm. "Niall." I start and he begins to mumble something. "Niall, you have to wake up.." I say quietly. He moves a little and opens his eyes. He looks directly at me and the blue in his eyes comes to sight. "What?" He mumbles in his raspy morning voice and roll over on his back, while he runs a hand through his dark blonde hair. I don't want to ruin his morning, but this isn't just my brother, it's their best friend too. I hand him my phone and he just looks confused for a second, but after he have read it, he looks serious. He looks at it for a while and then at me. "What is he meaning?" He asks and looks at me with one eyebrow raised. I just shrugs and look back at him. "I asked myself the same question." I answer and look down. Why is he writing things even Niall don't understand.

An hour after, were all gathered together to talk about the messages Louis send me. The text has been on round, like four times or so and no one knows what it means. "It doesn't mean anything, he's just messing with us.." Harry says and give the phone to Niall. And he's right. It means nothing, but we still have to find out what that nothing is. I look over at Liam, who hasn't said anything since he came here. "Why can't we just go out there and break him out? We have an interview tomorrow!" Harry half shouts. "Because, he would have let us know by now if we could!" Niall shouts back and everything is quiet again. No one contradict him. In a way I am on Harry's side, because I really miss him, bit on the other hand, I know Niall is right. "In a world of lies, the truth can kill." I say to myself and start to remember something. Louis used to say it when I was a little kid. All the time. He also said a thing after this. The question is; what did he say? This could really help us, but I can't remember what he meant with it. "I think I know something." I say, grab my phone out of Niall's hand and find our mother's number. She has to remember what he said after this. If she doesn't, no one does.

- Hey honey, how's it going? She says with a happy voice, after answering the phone.

- Hey mom, everything's fine. I say and try to sound just a little focused on this conversation.

- Good, what about tour life? Is they taking good care of you? She ask, and I can't help it but laugh a little

- Of curse mom, we all take good care of each other. No one left behind. I say and look over at the boys. They are talking to each other, probably about the text.

- Good. She says, all happy again.

- But mother, I have to ask you this. You remember Louis used to say 'In a world of lies, the truth can kill' right? I ask her, trying not to sound too serious.

- I do, yes. Why? She ask.

- What did he say after this? He used to say something after this. I say and try to remember.

- Yes, he did. It was 'Keep your little head up and look where the lie is hidden.' she answers. "But why? Something wrong?"

- No everything is okay. Just wondering. I say in my happiest voice. I smile a little, just to convince myself that everything actually is okay. Even though, it is not.

- Good honey, take care. Love you. She says, leaving me the space to tell her that something is wrong, but no.

- Love you. I answer her, and we both hang up the phone.

I know what she told me was correct, but I also know that it wasn't what he meant with the text. Not even close.

I sit back in thechair and look at my phone. The text. "My mom said 'Keep your little head up andlook where the lie is hidden.' But I know it wasn't what he meant." I say andlean back. "You told your mom?!" Niall half shouts and look over at me. "No!Louis used to say that to me and my siblings a long time ago, and he said thisafterwards." I say, a little grumpy. "I would never tell my mother, let aloneanyone else." I say and look him directly in the eyes. And I mean it. Whyshould I ever betray does boys? I would never get a good enough reason. Never."In a world of lies, the truth can kill. Keep your little head up and lookwhere the lie is hidden." Liam says, and we all look at him. The first thing hesays in a long time. "It does make sense, but not Louis sense." He says andlook back at us. He's right. Louis means something more about it. 

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