Every selfie has a story

The story behind a selfie


1. The day behind the picture


                         It was a beautiful day on the beach in Los Angles, California. Lily and Jillian had promised each other to meet there, so they could get together. It had been roughly 3 years since they had last met in person. Lily was so excited. As Jillian walked just by the water, the other girl immediately ran and hugged her. After they let out of the tight hug, the girls were both smiling. So happy to finally see one another again. "Lily!" Jillian shouted, almost leaving a ringing in her friends ears. "I'm so happy to see you again," She said a little quieter. They then spent the day playing in the water, building sand castles, and doing other childish things. "Jill, come here!" Lily yelled, "I want to remember this!", She added. Jill ran over, Lily pulled out a camera, and took the picture that would never be deleted. The day she spent with her best friend. This was a day she'd never forget, the day behind the picture.

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