Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
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5. Chapter 4

(Amber's POV)

I had finally escaped, I couldn’t remember how but I had done it. I walked round the abandoned corridors of the BL/ind headquarters, as alarms sounded and red lights eliminated the hallways. Turning down the corridor that leads to the exit, I heard somebody scream from behind me. I span round and came face to face with Frank. He was leaning against the wall with blood seeping from his head, exactly the same as he had been on that day. As I ran towards him the corridor morphed into the alley way and my outfit changed from the short white dress I wore in the headquarters, to the one I had been wearing that day, but it was drenched in blood as was my hair. As I was about to reach Frank’s motionless body, I seemed to turn the other way and started running away from him. Realising what I was doing I stopped in my tracks and turned back round. Feeling something be placed into my hand, I looked down and saw a blood soaked knife clenched in my hand. Dropping the knife and putting two together I realised what I had done, I walked slowly backwards as tears mixed with the blood dripping from my hair and ran down my scarred cheeks.

     Suddenly Frank’s body stood up and slowly waddled its way over to me. I screamed at the corpse and moved backwards quicker. Suddenly Frank started to run at me and jumped, pushing me down onto the floor just outside of the alley. I screamed as his head lolled in face, his mouth came down to my ear as he sat on me. He whispered-shouted “You might as well of killed me you mutant traitor!” As he moved his head back up and straddled me, I looked into his dilated eyes and screamed as his hair started to fall out. When he was fully bold he morphed into Korse. I screamed louder, feeling my heart rate race. He smiled that stupid smirk and brought his face to my neck.

I woke up with a start, a scream erupting from my throat. I sat up shaking uncontrollably, cutting off the scream and bringing up my bare legs up to my chest and savouring the little clothing I had. Processing that it was all just a dream, I rocked back and forth; attempting to calm myself down. Tears threated to slip over at the back of my eyes, but I didn’t let them; I had cried too often in this place and I needed to show that I wasn’t as weak as they thought. I hated the way they all pushed me around, but for the past year I had starting fighting back. I would back chat and attempt to escape, much like I had the first 2 years I had been here, but I gave up. I had only starting fighting back again because I had a dream one night that Frank and my parents were screaming at me to not give up and never give up. It had been the nicest dream I’d had in a while, so I listened and started to get on the Dracs nerves again. I was not going to be the limp doll being played with; I was going to get out of this hell.

      Breaking me apart from my thoughts was the voice of the only man that still managed to scare me after these six years. “Hello beautiful.” Jumping out of my crouching position I stood up and moved backwards; into the corner furthest away from Korse. “Leave me alone.” I mumbled, still trying to stand my ground. He simply laughed and started towards me. “You know what today is?” I nodded in response. “The sixth anniversary today and I've got something special planned.” Stiffening up a bit, scared at the possibilities of the plans he had popped up in my head.

          I gulped and turned away from himtrying to hide my fear. Getting annoyed at my attitude, Korse came straight up to me only leaving a centimetre between us. He moved his hand up to slap me, squinting my eyes shut I waited for the impact. As if on cue, an alarm went off causing Korse to groan and walk away. Opening my eyes with relief I looked around and over heard something from one of the Dracs that had come in the room with Korse, say that there had been a break in and something about the killjoys. I huffed and walked over to the locked entrance to my glass cell, looking out I could see Korse pacing up and down, his face was red with anger. He made eye contact with me and went over to the nearest Drac, yelling something in his face that I couldn’t quite work out, and pointing at me viciously. But before I could do anything more, the door was open and Korse himself was dragging me behind him and into the corridors of the headquarters. I hadn’t been out of that cell for about 6 months; it would have felt great to be out if Korse’s fingernails weren’t digging into my arm. And any trance of that feeling of relief of being out definitely disappeared when we turned the next corner and Korse held his ray gun to my head. He flicked it off safety and I closed my eyes awaiting my fate, as I did I heard a familiar voice scream, “NO!”

(Frank POV)

I sat up, having just woken up, with a pounding headache. “Fucking hell.” I whispered, moving my hand to help support my throbbing head. But when my hand made contact with my head, I groaned more as a burning sensation began in my hand. Looking down at my hands I saw they were bandaged, as were my legs and feet. Remembering the events of yesterday I let myself fall back down onto my bed, this only caused a horrible burning sensation to begin on my back. I winced and sat back up. Looking out the window I realised that it was probably around mid-day and that I should go and see if the other guys are okay.

   Swinging my bandaged feet over the side of the bed, I placed them lightly on the floor before pushing myself up. The pain wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but it still hurt. I guess I’ll just have to deal with that. Waddling over to where my boots were I looked around for my jacket; wanting to see if it was badly damaged. I grabbed my boots and sat back on my bed as I put them on cautiously.  I rescanned the room and caught sight of what was left of my jacket. Having put my boots on I ran over to my jacket, which had been abandoned on the floor. Picking it up I pulled it out, only to come face to face with a massive hole; taking up most of the back of the jacket. “You’re kidding me!” I yelled, followed by a groan. That was my favourite jacket! “I fucking hate fires.” I said, throwing the remains of my jacket at the wall. I walked over to the little pile of clothes in the corner of my room and got a new t-shirt, it was just a plain black one. Whipping out of the one that I currently had on, which had small burn holes on the back of it and it had gone from being grey to black and falling apart. I put on the new top. Walking over to the door, I dusted off my sandy jeans and was thankful that these weren’t as badly damaged. I flung the door open and nudged it shut with my foot. I walked down the corridor towards the main room, where I was guessing the guys would be.

     Upon entering I saw all three guys stood round a table, that I was guessing had a map of a battle strategy on it. It was probably going to be planning for the mission to steal The Weapon from the main BL/ind headquarters. None of them had noticed my entrance to the room and were busy listening to Party going over their plan. I started walking over to them and as I did I sarcastically said “You know, I really wasn’t a fan of that firework show before. Crappest one I’ve seen.” Jet turned round to look at me with a massive smile on his face, Kobra followed his gaze and saw me and he sent a small smile. Jet walked over and said “How you feeling?” I smiled weakly walking over to Party, who had only just looked up at me with an unreadable expression on his face. “I’m okay, I guess. But my jacket isn’t, I doubt that’ll be fixable.” Party giggled slightly at my comment, while marking out a few areas on the map of Battery City (which used to be New York), in red sharpie. Getting to a more serious point I asked the guys if they were alright and it turned out that none of them even went near the fire. “How did you know where the hell I was?” I asked pulling a chair up to the table and sitting on it. Kobra answered “Well, we didn’t. Dr D had sent us a radio transmission saying that there had been a Drac attack at the pub and he wanted us to go and see what was going on. We went and found you passed out on the floor.”

“Sounds about right to me.” I said, swinging slightly on my chair. “So when are we attacking the main BL/ind headquarters?” I asked looking closer at the map. There was a blue line going round the different street and alleyways, heading straight for the main entrance of the headquarters. Parts of the streets where the blue line travelled through were coloured in in red; danger zones. “Tonight and you aren’t coming.” Party answered, looking at me sternly.

“Why not? I’ll be fine to fight by tonight, the burns will have calmed down by then.” I said, already knowing his answer. “Why not? Oh I don’t know Ghoul; maybe it’s the fact that Dr D banned you from missions for 2 weeks and specifically this mission.” Party said rolling up the map and avoiding eye contact. “Yeah I know but I am not letting the 3 of you go into battle with the hundreds of Drac guards at the main headquarters, while I sit hear waiting to be told of your deaths. You’ll stand no chance with just the 3 of you, but maybe 4 would at least be a little bit better.” I had stood up now and was standing directly in front of Party with only centimetres separating us. Interrupting the awkwardness, Jet said “You know Party, he has got a point. With Kobra sneaking in the back to turn off security cameras and stuff there would only be 2 of us fighting, maybe an extra would help.” I walked over to him and patted him on the back. “Thank you. Look, I just don’t want to send my friends to their deaths without at least being able to help you live a few seconds more.” Party simply huffed in response and mumbled a “Fine.” Fist pumping the air, I walked over to him and gave him an awkward sideways hug. He simply smiled and patted my back. “You can let go now, Ghoul.” I sighed sadly and let go and went back to my room to change my jeans.

        Later on that night, we all gathered in the main room and went over the plan once more. “Right so we’ll enter through the east tunnel taking out all the Dracs we see. Once we are in the city, we abandon the car in the nearest alley way and follow the path we have planned out to get to the main headquarters. We will enter the headquarters through the side entrance where hopefully there will be fewer guards; once again we aim to take down all the Dracs. While me, Ghoul and Jet distract the guards and take them down, Kobra will go through the entrance going to the control room right near the side entrance where we’ll be fighting. He will disable all security alarms and defences. Hopefully having made our way through the guards, we will meet Kobra in the lobby of the building where we will then, as a group go to the room where the weapon is suspected to be kept. If it is not there we will check all the other rooms where it might be. When we find it we hand it to Ghoul to hold and we go out where we came in. We go to the trans-am and drive back here. You got it?” We all nodded in unison and went over to where we keep the weapons. I grabbed my green ray gun as well as my spare one and headed out to the already charged trans-am. We all got in the car with me and Kobra in the back, Party driving and Jet in the front with him. The engine started and we began our silent drive to our deaths.

     When the tunnel came into sight, I said “It’s been nice knowing you all. Good luck.” They all nodded and I and Kobra brought the roof down, before standing up and shooting down the Dracs ahead with our two ray guns. As we drove straight through the barrier, I mumbled to myself “Well, here we go.”


Song: Drowning Deep in Doubt by As It Is

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